Dinah’s Weekend Coffee Chat 4/23/21

Photo by Don (c)

If we were having coffee…..

Oh so lovely to see you, my friend! I’ve been MIA for several weeks. Life was challenging and I was a bit depleted….still am, but I’m improving. And you? How are you?

If we were having coffee…I’d tell you that we had to move my brain injured brother three times in three months…hence the aforementioned exhaustion. Our long term health care system is so broken! But I’m at least able to report that, after a couple of nightmare facilities, he’s now in the highest rated facility in our area. And I’m immensely grateful to not have to worry quite so much about his care and if he’s actually receiving his medication properly.

In other news, I’d absolutely have to share with you that there’s a worthy cause that needs all of our voices. Please read about it HERE and please make a call or send an email.

If we were having coffee….I’d tell you that we’re seeing signs of Spring which is my favorite time of year. Our temps are still chilly. In fact ….this is what Wednesday looked like, much to my chagrin!

But thankfully, the snow didn’t last and the grass has gone from brown to deep green. And the daffodils are up. Our allium and hollyhocks are already showing too. I so love watching the natural world wake up!

My husband and I talk every Spring about other things that we might plant. It’s usually about various flowers or bushes. But this year, my friend Nancy turned me on to something called a fruit cocktail tree that you can order from a catalog. I’m such a novice in the world of gardening! I keep wondering if it’s truly possible for 5-6 different fruit to exist on one tree and if it could even survive our winters AND our deer population! You can see it HERE. If anyone has any experience with this please drop me a comment….could this be a viable thing?

Two days ago I wrote about hope… And how much I need to cultivate hope right now. Spring seems to have a way of keeping me hopeful. I hope it’s helping you to be hopeful also!

If we were having coffee… I would want to know what’s going on with you. How is Spring treating you? What’s new in your world? Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what’s up…

I’m glad you’re here 💜

The Weeknd coffee chat is hosted by Natalie the Explorer . You can find more coffee chats HERE

21 thoughts on “Dinah’s Weekend Coffee Chat 4/23/21

  1. kola619

    I’m so glad your brother is settled. ❤️

    I never heard of a Fruit Cocktail Tree. Sounds interesting. I guess they grafted the different trees together. I checked my Alliums today and they have buds. And my Daylilies are growing. The snow didn’t bother them at all. I love Spring!

    💙 ☮

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    1. Glad your flowers survived. Besides that snow, we just had 2 nights under freezing. I was so happy ours survived!
      So happy to know another lover of Spring. Thanks for visiting 💜


  2. Denyse Whelan Blogs

    HOPE. What an inspiring and kind word it it. I am so glad to read that some of your worries about your brother have eased now he is in a place that it suitable. The long-term placement responsibility for those of us who are not well is so hard to find, then keep. I send you my best on this. Things in Australia are not really great these days either. However, we are sliding into a very pleasant Autumn and in my part of the world we have blue skies, sunshine and crysanthemums getting their blooms on for Mother’s Day in May. I think we share that occasion with the US but not the UK. Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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  3. The fruit cocktail tree looks very odd, but fun! Spring certainly brings a sense of hope, new life, and new inspiration. I’m glad your snow disappeared quickly! Here we have about 10 degrees and strong winds but at least no snow. It’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow. We’ll see… Today I’ll go out to take some photos of waves.. hopefully.

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    1. I see you’re in Ireland. I’ve always wanted to go there. It looks so beautiful. I hope you get some good ocean pictures! I love water! Thanks for visiting. Wishing you a wonderful week💜


  4. A fruit cocktail tree sounds amazing. I’m curious to see how it works out. I’m glad Spring is coming out for you. Here in S. Africa, we’re in autumn/fall and the leaves are falling off the trees in a multicolored curtain.

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    1. Hello!!
      Ohhhh I hope you have a lovely Fall. I struggle with Fall because I know our (often brutal) Winter is coming. But it is a beautiful time of year!
      Not sure if we’ll do the tree or not. If we do, I’ll report back. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead… And thanks so much for stopping by!


  5. Hello Dinah,
    Okay – your world looks like it is struggling to find its way to spring time.
    Here, in Sonoma county California, we are known for comfortable weather, and I had my first sit-down restaurant visit with two high school friends since the beginning of this covid adventure.
    We sat outside, because one of my friends is still freaked out by the risk of being in-doors with others. No matter, the sidewalk area marked off for our use was shady, warm enough if one kept one’s coat on, and pleasantly quiet. We sat there, ate, talked and laughed for 3+ hours.
    I had a very busy week (last week now) at work and for the Saturday funeral which proved to be a full day for us (2 hours travel both ways), but this week looks quiet so far, so I’m trying to catch up with the weekend visits I was denied.
    I’ve heard of these fruit cocktail trees. They are essentially a normal fruit tree with multiple grafts from other types of fruit trees – which I think is very clever and sounds like fun. I don’t know that they need any special care other than maybe some careful fertilization and extra good soil and water to get it started. But once established should be a annual delight with minimal work.
    I was sorry to hear about the challenges you and your brother wet through trying to find good long term care for him. It must be like a long term heart-break and I hope you have someone nearby who is good with hugs just to give you a place of comfort with someone your love and trust to help keep your own strength and attitude up.
    I wish I had some words of wisdom that were practical and actionable but know this is a complex challenge. I do wish both you and him success in this effort.

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    1. Hi Gary!
      So glad to know that you guys are having some good weather that you can enjoy. I look forward to our weather improving… Soon!
      Hoping this week is much, much better for you… Sorry again about your loss.

      It looks like the current place is doing a much better job of caring for my brother so…I’m looking forward to being able to destress a bit… Wish me luck!

      Thanks so much for visiting. Have a great week!

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  6. I enjoyed your update Dinah. So sorry about everything going on with your brother. I know that’s hard.

    I want to plant some things this summer, and may start in a few weeks. Our neck of the woods has been seeing some nice spring weather as opposed to our usual rain. I live in the PNW.

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    1. I’m so glad you stopped by. I tried commenting on your blog three times and it wouldn’t work. Because of my own disability issues, I do everything on my phone. I just could not make it work!

      I really enjoyed your blog and I wanted to share a resource with you. You might really enjoy books by Susan Weed. She is an herbalist… One of the best in the country! And she has a couple of books specifically for handling life’s changes…
      Please let me know you saw this message otherwise I might ask one of our other group members to share it with you since I can’t comment on your blog…
      Hope you have a wonderful week💜

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