Dinah’s Coffee Chat 11/20/21

Photo taken by Dinah on the way home from Don’s outpatient surgery!

Hello my friend.
Thanks for stopping by for another coffee chat. How are you? How are you adapting to the changing seasons? I hope you’re taking good care.

If we were having coffee… I would be having an internal debate about whether to be real or a Pollyanna. I could very easily yammer on about positive thoughts and inane things like the weather. But I value your time and I don’t want to waste it.

If we were having coffee… I would ultimately choose to share the reality of the last month with you.

-In the last month, my brother died unexpectedly. I wasn’t told how dire the situation was until the day before they terminated life-support.
-In the last month our much loved cat was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma, an inoperable cancerous tumor in her mouth.
-In the last month I have had to argue with medical providers about my disabled brother being overmedicated and demand that some of the medication be responsibly titrated down.
-In the last week my husband had outpatient surgery and is now recovering.

And this all seems much more challenging as the days get shorter and the weather gets more harsh. I always feel like I can cope better when the days are longer and the temperatures are gentle. Winter seems to always add a layer of angst to any situation… At least for me.

If we were having coffee… I would apologize for unloading all of that. But that’s my reality right now. And right now is all we have. And I choose to believe that as I move forward into the next now, and the next now, and the next now… until I have significant space between this now and a future now… Everything will cycle back because it always does. And I will have more energy and feel more positive! I know that there will be a not too distant now when I will laugh and sing badly in the shower and look forward to a gentle tomorrow! And I hope that you will stop by and join me and laugh with me at bad jokes and gasp as we both watch another beautiful day unfold!

And you my friend? Have your days been gentle or challenging? Whatever is happening, I wish you deep peace within. And I’m grateful that you stopped by!

I’m glad you were here💜

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20 thoughts on “Dinah’s Coffee Chat 11/20/21

  1. Kate L

    If we were having coffee I would share with you that I am experiencing a deepening of my relationship with my 45 y/o Son, Matt. For the past several months we have been communicating on levels that are fresh and new to us both. The deepening began with the onset of a heart attack in his young life of 44 years. I plan on sharing more next time we meet for coffee. Til then, be well my friend.🕉️

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  2. Kqy

    Stay brave, Dinah. Life has a way of presenting challenges when we least expect it. You seem to have solid coping skills and I applaud you for sharing your innermost thoughts and fears. Talking with caring folks is a wonderful way to relieve some of the anxiety and stress. Please know that we are listening, caring, and looking forward to hearing you sing in the shower again soon.

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  3. Hi Dinah, so sorry to hear about all the challenges you’ve been facing. 😦 Wishing you better days ahead. I agree that the bad things in life are worse during the cold and dark season.
    Here, the change into autumn and perhaps it should even be called winter now, has been very smooth. We’ve had a very mild autumn with many sunny nice days. Today it’s colder but sunny, so I’m going to get some work done in the garden.

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    1. Thank you Susanne💜
      I know we all have challenging times. As the saying goes… This too shall pass! Wishing you many, many sunny days this winter. We’ll all get through it


  4. The darker days definitely don’t help….I find my mood sink and it’s a struggle to stay positive. I’m trying to be disciplined this year…to get out at least once a day when the sun is up to at least try and tell my head it’s all ok. Thinking of you.

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    1. Thank you! I know that we all always survive winter. It’s just that, at the beginning of the season, it feels so long and daunting… sending good thoughts your way as well, my friend! 💜🙏💜

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  5. Hi Dinah.
    You can count me among those who will always prefer the whole truth without any false distractions to suggest that things are all okay – when they are clearly not.
    Truth will always be better, even if is often heavily slanted in the negative. That will not always be the case and there really is not much comfort for anyone if all we hear from each other is the positive feel-good side of things. I prefer both with a balance that reflects the mood of the person enduring it.
    You’ve had a rough time of it and this friend cares, will listen when you feel like sharing any of it and will also rejoice with you as the victories come along – soon we hope.

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  6. I am so sorry for your loss. I feel as we end the year, life’s problems feel a little heavier. Maybe it’s because there is an end to the year and we are made to feel like we should reflect what we’ve accomplished. Maybe it’s the stress of the holidays to add on to these existing problems.

    Anyways I prefer getting in touch with my real feelings rather than dealing with toxic positivity. Though I believe thinking positive can lift me out of a hard feeling, I shouldn’t use positivity to ignore or gloss over my real feelings even if they are not pleasant. I always tell myself “it’s only temporary.”

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    1. Hi!
      Thanks for stopping by and for reading. I absolutely agree with you. I’d rather feel everything and grow from it than to stay numb and stuck. I’ll take REAL any day over toxic positivity.
      And yes….there seems to be a certain weightiness that comes with the end of the year. But review and retrospect can maybe help us as we move into the new year….Nice that every day allows us to try again!
      Hoping all is well in your world 💜🙏💜

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