Right Now…#10minchallenge Day 3

Prompt-Right now….

Right now…. I’m a mixture, a muddle of wonder tinted by cynicism, gratitude sprinkled with irritation, gregariousness mottled by introversion so that it has the look of Swiss cheese….making it hard to tell if I’m more hole or substance.

Right now….I bless the long summer days while simultaneously resenting the 86 degree heat.

Right now….I’m more memory than action, more observer than joiner, more want to than able to.

Right now….I’m grateful for those years of strength….for hours and days on horseback, for the years of driving wherever and whenever the mood struck, for the doing, going, cooking, actively being….

Right now….I am both past and present….I am less physically and more consciously….I am more compassionate and less tolerant of that which does not mix well with gentleness.

Right now….I am kindness and boundaries, I am speaking more clearly while ignoring more than ever before, as Rumi says: I am holding on and letting go!

Right now…. I am present and aloof, I am intentional and relaxed, I am the rain drop and the ocean….Right now I’m everything and nothing. I’m another you. You’re another me. We remain connected as much by what we are as by what we’re becoming.

Right now and as always, I’m so glad you’re here💜

The #10minchallenge is hosted by Tammy Breitweiser

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