9 Favorite Things ….#10minchallenge Day 7

Photo by Don (c) Prompt: 9 Favorite Things….. Nine of my favorite things in no particular order: 1-Grace—Grace, to me, is synonymous with kindness, gentleness, forgiveness…I’m always grateful when grace is visited upon me…whether through serendipity or through the openheartedness of a friend or stranger, grace helps me to believe in tomorrow. 2-Serendipity and synchronicity …

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#10minchallenge Day 5

Today’s writing prompt just didn’t resonate with me. And I’m feeling quite uninspired. So, instead of boring you with BS, I’ll wow you with garden pictures taken over the last 2 years. Flowers are always welcome and uplifting. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your day and we’ll try again tomorrow. I’m glad you’re here 💜

Right Now…#10minchallenge Day 3

Prompt-Right now…. Right now…. I’m a mixture, a muddle of wonder tinted by cynicism, gratitude sprinkled with irritation, gregariousness mottled by introversion so that it has the look of Swiss cheese….making it hard to tell if I’m more hole or substance. Right now….I bless the long summer days while simultaneously resenting the 86 degree heat. …

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