Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. I hope you’ll stop by often to chat and explore. This poor blog has been on my “Someday “ list for like ten years! Pathetic, right? But at least you know right out of the gate that I’m not impulsive. That should be worth something!

I’m here, doing this now, because…as I age, I’m seeing connections and synchronicities more than ever before. Some seem worth sharing and discussing. I’ve always noticed trends or tendencies. But lately, these observations seem more important.

I’ll also be posting about life in general and the challenges we face when we try to live honestly and authentically. When and why do some of us feel fear in trying to just be ourselves? And what can we do about it? Well….if you’re like me, you stew about it for, like a decade, and then FINALLY you extricate your head from your bum, start a blog, take a deep breath and just start writing.

I hope you’ll stop by and chat for a while. We’ll either figure out some things or not….but either way we can have some fun and start some friendships.

I’m glad you’re here! ❤️

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