If we were having coffee 11/14/20 -NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 14/30

Good Morning my friend!

Oh so good to see you! How was your week? I’m hoping all is well in your world. 

If we were having coffee I’d want you to go beyond the word “fine” and really tell me how you are. What frustrated you this week? Was it resolved, at least in your heart? What made you smile? Have you devised a plan to create more of that? 

If we were having coffee I’d take a deep breath and say that I finally “returned to the scene of the crime”. Three months ago, I fell and broke my arm and fractured my kneecap. And I, quite successfully, avoided returning to the scene of the crime for over 3 months. But it happens to also be my husband’s favorite place on earth and yesterday was his birthday. So returning was my birthday gift to him. 

As usual, the dreading of the thing was worse than the thing itself. Isn’t that typical? And I lived to tell the tale, so all really is well. 

Tomorrow is my Hebrew Shamanism class and I’m really looking forward to it. I studied Shamanism on/off for years. It’s the spiritual path that FEELS most natural to me. I love it because of its innate reverence for all life…not just human life…all life! It honors stone life, plant life, creeping crawling life, bird life, animal life…ALL LIFE! I love that. 

I’ve also been torn though because I’m not Native American. So do I have a right to their traditions? Am I engaging in cultural appropriation! I didn’t know. But then 2 years ago I took a dna test and found out I’m half Jewish. I’ve never met anyone from my paternal/Jewish side. I have much to learn about all things Jewish…my recently revealed heritage.

A year later, I stumbled into a brilliant woman who was developing a Hebrew Shamanism Apprenticeship. Shamanism based in ancient Judaism meant no need to worry cultural appropriation anymore! It’s my lineage. I was intrigued but it was impossible. We lived way too far apart. —Enter COVID-19! Her class became virtual and I dove in head first.

This is my form of self care. Shamanism feeds my soul. It helps me stretch and flex and flow with all the stuff we can’t change. I’m so grateful for it and for you and for our coffee chats. 

Time to run some errands. Wishing you a day full of everything you need and several things you want. 

I’m glad you’re here. 

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14 thoughts on “If we were having coffee 11/14/20 -NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 14/30

  1. Hi Dinah,

    I don’t accept the whole premise of cultural appropriation but fully enjoy any chance to participate in cultural appreciation. To me, all truth is just truth, not yours, his, hers or mine, Truth is just God’s truth and I chose to enjoy it where I find it. I can learn from other cultures as easily as I can learn from any other friend or teacher and we should resist allowing anyone to use a culture and just another way to divide us.

    Okay, I’m done with that and did not realize I had the makings of a full rant on this topic. Anyway, I hope you find some kernel of truth or usefulness in there somewhere, because I’m glad you chose again to stop by and visit with us this week.

    Warm blessings

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    1. Hi Gary!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that we can and should appreciate cultural differences. But I think in this time, when POC are just starting to be recognized and taking back their power, I as a non-POC need to err on the side of caution on this. When Native American tribes out west still don’t even have running water (Diney Tribal lands)…I could understand any concern that might arise….It’s not like there has ever been a level playing field. Non-POC as a group, have lacked sensitivity in these areas for far too long. I think we now need to be overly cautious. We have so much healing to do as a Nation!!

      Hoping you’re well and happy 😊


  2. I’ve always been intrigued by Shaman but never really knew squat about it. Jim Morrison (The Doors) wrote about Shaman in his poems and I was a big Jim fan especially when he’d do that Indian dance on stage. 😊 Sounds very interesting. Good luck!

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    1. Hi
      Well, if I had to sum it up, I’d say Shamanism is about reverence for and deep connection with the natural world. In addition to learning to cooperate with nature, we also look connect with Universal/Divine energy that supports all life….welcoming balance and harmony where ever possible….with respect and gentleness….
      I’m so glad you came by to chat😊


  3. Your class sounds so interesting. It is an experience to learn new things about your DNA heritage. I took a test myself a couple years ago, very interesting. I hope your husband had a great birthday. Good for you to conquer your fears, its not easy to do. Have a fabulous new week!

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  4. Even if it were cultural appropriation would it be wrong to respectfully indulge into a culture whose experience resonated with something inside you… are we defined by rigid lines that we cant borrow from a great belief system when we see it?

    have an awesome week

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    1. Well… That was, is, and has been my hope. But I try to see beyond myself and try to make sure that my actions don’t hurt others… I would hope that it would be seen as acceptable but… I truly don’t know!
      Thank you for stopping by. Nice having some coffee with you!

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  5. I think it’s kind of you to consider how the exploration of someone else’s culture would make them feel. There’s a children’s story about a chicken who wants to make bread– how she plants the wheat and cuts it and grinds it and mixes the bread and bakes it– and all the while asks for help and explains her plants– and no one wants any of it till it is ready and smells delicious. I think that’s the hard to explain/see lines between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. Which histories have this deep line backwards of things overcome to truly understand it, and which are just delights for the sharing. Only the culture in question would know.

    That said, exploring your heritage is an exciting thing and I’m glad you have that knowledge now to start filling in anything that might have felt like a blank or a not-quite-right. ❤

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    1. Thank You! I just feel that it’s imperative to be culturally respectful….now especially. White privilege is real and we have to admit that we have been tone deaf and just listen!
      Thanks for sharing that story! I love it! 💜

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