Musings- NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 22/30

Productive or not, my thoughts often wander to all kinds of “what ifs”. It’s what my brain does. Sometimes it’s useful, it’s a form of contingency planning. And when you’re dealing with disability, contingency plans are important in case things go off the rails.

But today isn’t about survival planning. It’s more about life in general.

What if….we lived out loud? How would that feel? What would it look like?

What if….instead of hiding or shielding, we were simply honest about who we were and how we feel? How would that be received?

What if….we asked for what we needed rather than ignoring, denying or pretending we didn’t need anything or anyone?

What if….we made a concerted effort to love and accept all the parts of ourselves that we’ve judged so harshly for so long? Would self acceptance naturally open us to being more loving toward each other and toward the planet?

What if I/you/we knew we were enough, that we were both lovable and loved beyond measure and that, on some unseen level, we were surrounded by love and that all really is/was/will be well?

I’m glad you’re here 💜

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