If we were having coffee…. 12/11/20

Photo taken by Dinah (c)

If we were having coffee…..

Welcome back my friend. It’s so good to see you. I always enjoy these coffee get togethers. Come, sit, get comfortable. 

If we were having coffee, I would want to know how you’re doing. What’s new? Tell me what you’ve been pondering this week…

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about how lucky we were this last week. We had two days that were just over 50°. This is a gift in December. And my husband and I took full advantage of the gift with two very long walks. It felt so good to be outside! And interestingly, the air actually smelled like spring…. I was grateful for the illusion!

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you about the course that I started this week. The course is taught by Medical Intuitive Carolyn Myss. It’s a series of six or eight videos that you can watch at your leisure. She has countless spirituality videos and courses that she offers. She’s definitely a thought leader in metaphysical circles. I love her work.

If we were having coffee, I would be so excited to chat about this class with you. Nothing in it so far was radical or revolutionary.
But it was an excellent reminder/review. She reminds us that we need, that our spirits need, contemplative time every day. I’m not always good about this. However, our personal practice is an important part of self care!

She also referenced  Thomas Merton. She read a passage from one of his books where he was speaking quite eloquently about an exquisitely beautiful day in nature. At the end of the passage he says… “This day will never come again!” She talks about using that quote and that thought as a mantra. I have had fleeting awareness of the fact that a particularly wonderful day or profound experience will never occur again. But I really hadn’t thought about using this awareness as a mantra… As a way of improving mindfulness and appreciation for every moment. This seems like and easy and effortless practice to enhance mindfulness… I’m in!

And I’m hoping that this new awareness will become habitual in short order…

If we were having coffee I would tell you how much I have missed blogging over the last couple of weeks. I went from blogging every day to once per week. Perhaps I needed to experience the contrast? What I do know is that I enjoyed the practice of daily writing. And when I stopped doing it, I missed it. So writing more frequently is also on my to do list.… As you can see, discipline has never been my forte!

And you my friend… How are you? Have you been caring for your spirit? Maybe you want to put that on your “to do” list also? One more thing that Carolyn Myss said that I loved was… “Reading Divine texts is like swallowing Grace!” Isn’t that an interesting thought to play with as you drive to work or make supper? I love quotes that make me think!

I hope that your weekend is full of love, light, and laughter. And I hope all of these things reinvigorate your mind, body, and soul!

photo from unsplash

And for all who celebrate… I want to wish you a very Happy Hanukkah. Chag Semeach! 

I’m glad you’re here 💜

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16 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…. 12/11/20

  1. bearmkwa

    Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christ-mass! So glad to stop by this week. Hubby ways thanks for the prayers raised. I shared comments with him at the hospital. It’s true we should treasure each moment… That made even more precious as we heard and felt the passing of a life in the room next to us yesterday. As we did a physical therapy walk down the hall we passed a few rooms with people in isolation and on vents – no doubt covid patients- we squeezed hands and paused to pray for them and their families. And, we treasured our moments together all the more. We, too, felt the power of prayers being raised for us around the world and are ever so thankful.

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    1. I’m so happy to know that all is well for both of you! Health issues right now are doubly scary because our hospitals are so overtaxed. Please take some time to catch up on rest. Wishing you both peace and abundant health going forward💜

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  2. I really enjoyed daily writing too. After November I thought I might try to write every day whether it’sworking on a blog post or just journaling, but I haven’t done that. I’m still writing more frequently than I was before November though.

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    1. I’ve never been very disciplined. But I feel like I need to try and build writing time into each day or at least every other day… Wish me luck!
      Glad to know that you’re doing more writing… Good for you!
      We have to keep each other motivated💜


  3. Thank you for this very positive coffee share. I have spent less time blogging theses past three weeks. Life have been so busy, both at work, and at home. I have been writing a lot, but not on my blog. I’ve been writing end of the year reports for my school, and learned a new software for documentation that I’ve been writing on. I have not had a lot of time to myself lately, but I have been taking long meditative walks every day. My spirit is happy, and my body tired 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

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    1. Lovely to see you! Sounds like life is keeping you busy! Have you moved yet? Packing and unpacking is a big deal too. Be gentle with yourself. Blogging will return when things settle down.
      Wishing you a restful weekend and a calm week ahead. Thanks for visiting 💜


  4. H Dinah, and thanks for the visit today. First, most likely because my blog plan is the free one with very few frills, I’m rarely sure of who visits my blog, but I think you’ve been wandering the isles of my collection some and I hope I’m correct so I can say thank you. I’m also pretty sure from the spotty metrics that I get to see that you may have recommended a story to a friend. Now that, if true is a high compliment and I’m honored that you would find my word juggling worth sharing.

    That all said, what am I doing t nurture my spirit. This question has both a simple and complicated answer. To avoid TMI-ing you, I give up the short answer. I like, but struggle with disciplines but I’ve tried one for many years, but it finally stuck and I read 3-6 chapters of the Bible each day, first thing, with my morning tea. I get up early just because that’s what I do, but that first piece of concentration and wake up tea is spend trying to collect a few more pieces of God’s plan for us, his view on our world or some history of Biblical times, etc. I’m fast approaching 66 years of age and have read through the Bible 6 times (as soon as I finish about 12 more short books). I find this to be pretty good nourishment. I look up stuff I don’t understand and try to place facts into some sort of mental matrix but I also try not to make this into a home spun college class effort. I try to visualize and enjoy what I’m reading. Anyway, it works pretty good for me.

    Thanks for the menorah photo. One of my favorite people is a gal I met in high school. she and her family were practicing Jewish and to this day, she and her mom hold the record for the best hospitality I have ever experienced. We went to our prom together and did a lot of growing up together. We remain great friends to this day. Now that I know so much about the Bible, I almost can’t read some of the OT stories without thinking about her and her family and how they scooped me up and just loved me in the early 1970s. Wonderful memories of a wonderful family and one special gal.

    Some memories can be such gifts, as can some friends.
    Thanks for this and all your visits.

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    1. Hey Gary!
      I know I’ve read several of your stories and thoroughly enjoyed them. I can’t honestly say if I passed any of them on to others or not. But they are certainly worthy of sharing!
      Sounds like you have a good personal practice in place! You know Jews go through the Torah once each year, reading a parsha or portion each week. And each parsha has a D’var Torah or discussion of the important points of each section. If you ever get stuck, you could consult the D’var Torah for section….Old Testament only, of course. And, in the meantime, you’re “swallowing Grace” as Carolyn Myss says.
      Thanks for visiting and for sharing about your practice.
      Wishing you a wonderful week ahead 😊


  5. Reading your coffee share was such a gift, thank you! I haven’t blogged regularly for a while, and this year perhaps a couple of posts. I too have missed writing. I kind of made up for it by doing a Copy-Editing course that I loved. I love the “This day will never come again” as a mantra. I love it as a way of expressing gratitude and also for living in the moment – something that served as a coping mechanism this year.

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    1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by! Wonderful to see you 💜
      And I’m glad that the mantra resonated. Sometimes those very small things can make huge differences.
      Wishing you peace going forward and hoping you have a great week 💜

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  6. Thank you Dinah for the coffee share. I’m glad you enjoy your class and back to blogging/ writing. I practice meditation for 15 minutes daily. I find it very helpful to clear my mind and keep me focused on what’s important. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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    1. I used to meditate daily for years. But I haven’t done that in several years… Need to get back to it…
      So kind of you to stop over and visit. I look forward to reading your blog as well! Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.


  7. “This day will never come again” sounds a lot like “This too shall pass,” which is what has helped me get through bad days, savor good ones, and motivate me during slow periods. Excellent reminder, thank you!

    I used to do Weekend Coffee Shares eons ago, on another blog, in another lifetime. I’ve missed it dearly. I’ve been only halfway caring for my spirit — it’s tired, so I want to rest, but rest means thinking, and thinking leads to restlessness, so I do things to distract myself from thinking… and the cycle continues. I miss nature, but between snow and cold and dark and tired, it’s been a struggle to get out of the city. Ah well, there’s other days, just not this one.
    Thank you for sharing your coffee and your thoughts!

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    1. Oh, I completely understand! We are dealing with snow and cold and dark also. And frankly, I’m not a fan! Because of my physical disability, I use a scooter when I am out of the house. But, even though a scooter is quite handy, it’s not at all practical for spending any time in nature when it’s cold. If the batteries freeze, they’re cooked. So I miss nature all winter long also! I think that during these dark, cold months, we have to take extra special care of our spirit…. whatever that means for each of us. For right now… Writing seems to lift my spirits… Next month that might be something else… And then I will follow that something else. I give myself permission to follow my bliss😊 I hope you follow your bliss also!😊
      I’m so glad you stopped by for coffee. I hope you come and hang out again… We Northerners need to help each other get to spring💜


  8. Swallowing grace! I love that so much. Finding a pattern to blogging that isn’t daily takes some work. I like to look over my numbers and see what looks like it works for my people. Or, I did. Now I’m so inconsistent I just post whenever I remember, ha! 😀 ❤

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    1. I think I have to start making an appointment to blog… Or something like that. Otherwise suddenly it’s Friday and I haven’t written anything all week… And I’ve almost done it again. Time always seems to get away from me.

      Glad you liked Carolyn‘s line.
      I really love that too!

      Sending you huge hugs💜


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