If we were having coffee- 12/4/20

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If we were having coffee…..

If we were having coffee I’d want you to go first because I’m tired. Not the tired that gets fixed by going to bed early. That tired is no big deal. 

I’m the kind of tired that makes me question my fitness for polite company. I feel like maybe I should be on the “to be avoided” list. 

I’m the kind of tired that might be toxic to your good mood. The tired that can barely listen and knows deep inside that talking is ill-advised. 

This tired is caused by a perfect storm of disillusionment in our systems, disappointment in people who are capable of so much better and the obligation to repeatedly swallow all of that in order to pretend all is well and to keep the wheels turning. Life, after all, goes on.

I’ve known this tired before. And, without doubt, I’ll know it again. Life’s spirals do that. They keep us moving. We choose if we’re moving up or down. But the spirals choose what lessons we’ll visit and revisit along the way. And, if we’re lucky, we get more adept in our coping and juggling with each pass through.

So today my friend, if we were having coffee, I’d want to get lost in your stories. I’d want to bask in your tales of your happy week. And I’d be genuinely grateful for your happiness.

When you ask me what’s new, I’d smile and say “not much, same old, same old!” Toxic fatigue is really not meant for polite company.

I’m glad you’re here 💜

The weekend coffee share is hosted by Eclectic Alli here:

19 thoughts on “If we were having coffee- 12/4/20

    1. I will absolutely read your blog. Thanks for sharing! I’m usually pretty even tempered. But last week I was even too tired to fake it.
      This week will be better…I’ve just decided that 🤪💜😊

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  1. H Dinah, I so relate with this post. It says how I’ve often felt the past few months. But, I don’t want to be that guy who pulls you down further. If you really like stories and would enjoy a good laugh, I would like to share one of my first stories from my DOT collection. I think it’s hysterical especially since it really happened. Please sit down before reading and don’t be holding anything hot.
    All the best.

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    1. You’re quite right. Toxic fatigue might be an occasional visit on life’s path. But it’s certainly not a place to stay for any length of time. I’ve made the firm commitment to have great week.
      I wish the same for you.
      Thanks for visiting 💜

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  2. as I was reading this I was trying to remember a book I read which had some shadowy organisation called the Tired Ones…. andwould wait for someone to go on a rant about their tiredness then recruit them and of course they had a silly greeting which went like Are You Tired? hmmm I was going I could jog my memory and remember the book or was it a movie hmmm definitely a bok I think…
    anyway all of me is tired as well

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  3. I hope having coffee with all your friends here made improvements to the state of your souls happiness, and that your new week is rejuvenating and better than last week. It is good that you are sharing how you feel. Thank you for that excellent coffee, it sure made my morning brighter.

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