Family Photos- NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 23/30

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Throughout my life, the word “family” was difficult. The word, the associated dynamics, the players…it was all stressful…still is.

So I had to tweak and revise my definition multiple times. Family became about choice and ease once I realized that family isn’t just about genetics. Family is about including those who love you and those who appreciate you and those who bring joy. Family is about those you love and respect and enjoy. Family is about who you trust with your heart and who is worthy of the that precious gift. Family is about honoring each other’s sacred right to be….

That’s a weighty job description. But I/we deserve all of this and so much more.

Consequently, I’ve expanded my family boundaries and it has brought great joy….As you can see below, we routinely enjoy the wee ones. Babies bring hope and joy and laughter.

(Below ) Our family members seem to love peanut butter. So we keep it available. My husband is great at keeping family fed!

And when moms come to visit and we are gifted time with her babies, thanks to my husband, their favorite food is put out buffet style.

Sometimes many members of one family will stop in unannounced. My husband makes sure everyone is fed! Food is a big part of family gatherings!

Every now and then someone gets a little rowdy and climbs a little high on the outside furniture. You can see one of our relatives in the upper left… Luckily, nothing was broken…

Some family members are pure magic! We even have a unicorn in the family. Nobody cares that he’s a little off-center. We all are!How lucky are we!

Some are quiet visitors. But their gentle presence is loudly infused with love and they always multiply the joy factor.

Our family members are wildly varied in size and color. We love that….truly.

Some family members come through the front door. Some prefer to visit on the deck. We just love seeing them so, where we visit doesn’t matter as much as the visit itself! We’re just always so happy to see them.

Each member of the family is an individual and oh so beautiful!

Even though they may share qualities, if you take the time to get to know them, you’ll see that they’re as unique as snow flakes. No two are ever the same.

Even in big gatherings, everyone gets along. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? When we remember everyone’s sacredness, then getting along comes naturally!

Individuals and emotions expand and contract. Sometimes emotions run high and everything is churning…and that’s ok. We accept each other’s authenticity and we allow space for love to flow even through choppy waters.

And sometimes family visits are quiet and introspective. We can be together and be gentle with the quietness too.

Whether near or far, we are connected through light and love and the sacredness of knowing that another’s heart is in our care. We know how to follow the cairns created by love….knowing that we’ll be together again in the right time and in the right way.

Our family is open minded and open ended… And always willing to take in more loving beings!

I’m glad you’re here 💜

***Pictures taken by both my husband and me 😊

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