No Certainty- NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 24/30

These days have so many embedded questions that there’s no room for casual thoughts or thrilling conversations. Casual and thrilling have been temporarily replaced with uncertainty…especially in terms of the things that were always supposed to be certain.

It was a certainty that the professionals would care for the aged and infirm when the time came. Who knew the system could be so completely depleted?

It was supposed to be a certainty that family was forever…
A-no-matter-what unspoken agreement. Interestingly, family has proven to be anything but certain. Who knew the Universe would forget to enlighten half of the players?

It was always a certainty that I would be an advocate. It’s in my DNA to protect using my voice as my only meaningful tool. And yet my brother lies in the hospital without support or protection. No visitors allowed. I use my voice to remind him he’s not alone. A phone voice leaves much to be desired. Who knew a phone voice could be so lacking?

It was always a certainty that love would triumph over fear…. And yet more visible energy is being used to embolden fear now. Who knew we were not who we thought we were? Who have we become? Who knew we were so broken?

Question marks swirl so continuously for me now that I’m starting to wonder if they’ve become a visible thought bubble over my head.

Who knew certainty was always just an illusion?

I’m glad you’re here 💜

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