News Year’s Day is Every Day!

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For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice.
~ T S Eliot
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Well my friend… Take a bow!

You/we survived 2020. That was no small accomplishment. Congratulations!

It occurs to me that this is the day each year that we do what we should be doing every day. This is the day that we realize that we are starting over with a clean slate. This is the day when we feel like we have a fresh start.…A new year is in front of us! We have a new opportunity to create something wonderful!

But the funny thing is… Today, New Year’s Day, is no different than any other day. We just think it is.

Every day is a fresh start. Every day is a clean slate. Every day is the start of a new year…a new outlook…a different way of being in the world!

Yes, we are all thrilled to see the end of 2020. It’s been a challenging and tumultuous year. But if we do nothing else as we enter this new year, let’s give ourselves the gift of remembering that every day is a fresh start. We have the choice to make every day New Year’s Day… Without the bloat and hangover, of course!

My usual wish for people on their birthday and on New Year’s is to wish them abundant love, light, and laughter… We all need more laughter! And so that is my wish for you again, my friend. I wish you an abundance of love and light and laughter! And I wish you the ongoing and ever present awareness of the fact that every day is New Year’s Day and every day is a beginning! And I wish us all to have the courage to embrace every day with the same excitement that we have each time we welcome in the new year.

We can all do beautiful things this year if we greet each day as a creative opening into something wonderful.

Happy new year! Happy new day, every day!

I’m glad you’re here!💜

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19 thoughts on “News Year’s Day is Every Day!

  1. Hi Dinah. Thanks for the warm welcome to 2021 and, yes, I’m thrilled to have made it here safely with my family all healthy and sane. My company has us all take the days off between Christmas and New Years so I’ve had a good chunk of time to write and edit and edit and event had some time left over to edit. . . I think there is a pattern forming here.
    Anyway. I’m thrilled to have shared out my new story and hope you’ll find some time to give it a read. I think it has both some honest tension and a message that I’m proud to share.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Oh – are you one of those who are thinking of picking up the banner for Alli? I’m hoping someone does. I’d miss these weekend get togethers greatly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gary!
      Thanks for stopping by! Congratulations on all of your writing progress! I’m looking forward to reading it!!
      I think Natalie said she’s going to host the coffee share. But I would do it if she doesn’t.
      Wishing you a fabulous New Year my friend….💜

      Liked by 1 person

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