9 Favorite Things ….#10minchallenge Day 7

Photo by Don (c)

Prompt: 9 Favorite Things…..

Nine of my favorite things in no particular order:

1-Grace—Grace, to me, is synonymous with kindness, gentleness, forgiveness…I’m always grateful when grace is visited upon me…whether through serendipity or through the openheartedness of a friend or stranger, grace helps me to believe in tomorrow.

2-Serendipity and synchronicity because they’re reminders that there is magic all around us! Every time someone calls soon after they’ve crossed my mind, or the answer to a question just drops in my lap, or something that seemed difficult comes together with shocking ease…and on and on…these small bursts of magic are like fairy dust being sprinkled into ordinary life! And every time I feel even a hint of that magic, I say thank you and I hope for more.

3-Love…Love comes in so many forms and flavors and textures! And the thing I appreciate most about love is that, if you give it an inch, it’ll give you a mile! Love grows exponentially. I love that love needs very little oversight. Once rooted, it takes off and spreads into every corner that it can possibly reach. It’s like the dandelion of the emotions, strong, hearty and persistent. And, like the dandelion, it can be added to anything and consumed in its entirety!

4-Laughter…I’m talking about a specific kind of laughter. A chuckle, a giggle, a snort…they’re ok. But they don’t make my day. I love the once in a while, the all too infrequent laughter that consumes me. It’s the laughter that takes over and will not be controlled or sushed for anyone. Not always , but sometimes, it comes at a completely inappropriate, almost rude moment…which adds so much to its intensity! When it visits, speech is next to impossible. Tears run down my face. Even breathing is a struggle. And when that kind of laughter subsides, it feels like the end of a strenuous workout. I miss that kind of laughter.

5-Soul connections….These are the moments when you meet someone and it feels like you’ve known each other forever. It’s so stunningly beautiful to recognize yourself in someone completely new! I’ve been gifted with a few of these friendships and my immediate thought is always…”Where’ve you been all these years? It’s about time you’ve shown up!”

6-Light…Light or illumination is soul food. It shows us what the next step should be in our individual sojourn. Light burns through the mists of ambiguity, allowing elevation and perspective! While love supports us, light guides us.

7-Generosity…Generosity of spirit is a biggie. As someone with a lifelong physical disability, I have had to rely on the generosity of others repeatedly throughout my life. I have had to ask for help over and over and over. Sometimes it’s no big deal. But other times it can be soul crushing. People who are willing to help others regardless of where it falls on the “pain in the ass” spectrum have generosity of spirit in spades!

8-Warm summer rain…. Whenever I experience warm summer rain, I also, without fail, experience “hiraeth”. The photo below explains it far better than I ever could…

Photo from Facebook

9-Chocolate… which clearly needs no explanation at all!

It should be noted that my husband is not on the list because what I feel for him and about him is more than any list can hold and deeper than any language can accommodate. He encompasses all of the above and more. To put him on a list would be to minimize the immense gift that he is and has always been to all he meets, but especially to me.

I wish you days full of all of my favorite things. And, of course, I’m so glad you’re here 💜

The #10minchallenge is hosted by Tammy Breitweiser

25 thoughts on “9 Favorite Things ….#10minchallenge Day 7

  1. I love #8 and just experienced hiraeth yesterday by the river after it rained. It was slightly misting, with occasional drips of water falling off the tree leaves. It’s a magical time to walk through the wooded path with everything green, lush, and alive!

    Thanks for sharing! I learned a new word for an age old experience. ❤

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    1. The scene sounds beautiful! Interesting that rain/mist seems to be a common trigger for Hiraeth.
      I learned the word about 6 years ago while watching a documentary about Anderson Cooper and his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt. She had created a painting entitled Hiraeth. I have had the feeling my entire life so it felt good to FINALLY have a word for it.
      Thanks for visiting my friend! I appreciate you 💜🌺💜


    1. If you look above in my reply to Calleen, you’ll see how I came to know the word. I love that there’s a word for a feeling I’ve known my entire life. —Thanks so much for visiting 🌺


    1. Thank you for visiting! I will be stopping by your blog later this weekend. We have company this weekend so I’m running a bit behind but I’m looking forward to reading more! Hoping your weekend is lovely!


    1. Absolutely! Chocolate belongs everywhere!!😊
      Thank you for stopping by. I hope to be by your blog later. We have company this weekend so I am running a bit behind. Will hopefully catch up tomorrow. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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  2. I feel your list and can very much identify with it!
    Must comment on #4 Laughter because I shared such a laughter with Loving Husband and Younger Child just a couple of nights ago … uncontrollable glee!

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    1. Oh so glad you’ve experienced that kind of laughter so recently! I just love it when it happens! And it’s been far too long for me! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful week 💜


  3. Thank you for finding me on Instagram and taking time to leave me a message after reading my post on Leanne’s blog. It is very nice to meet you. And boy can you write.

    Light is my word of the year. Haven’t done much with it other than declare it as such on my blog at the beginning of the year. But I am always looking for it. Your words about light in our lives spoke to me. “Light burns through the mists of ambiguity, allowing elevation and perspective! While love supports us, light guides us.: You painted a picture for me with these sentences.

    I like the concept of Hiraeth. Have never heard that word but have probably been calling it de ja vu or reincarnation – an echo from a past life. I experience that sensation when planes fly too low overhead. Have always thought it was some strange unexplainable connection to World War II. Maybe it is Hiraeth.

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