Holiday Insights-If We Were Having Coffee 12/26/20

Photo by Dinah (c)

If we were having coffee….

Welcome back, my friend! I’m sorry that you’re only hearing from me during the weekend  coffee share group blog opportunity. I’m working on fixing this problem! 

Anyway…. I’m happy to connect with you now, at least. How are you? How have you been doing during this holiday season? I truly hope you’re ok! 

If we were having coffee….I’d make sure your cup was full and that you were comfy in your chair….all good? Ok…then I’d tell you a not-so-secret secret …. and before I do, know that I’m truly fine, ok?

I’ve finally accepted, at least to some degree, that I’m a failure at the holiday thing. I honestly stink at creating lovely holidays.

You know how some people create magical environments and fabulously impressive meals with impeccable presentation? Yeah….that’s not me….I’m the antithesis of that. I’m completely lacking that gene. For years I tried and tried. But despite my best efforts, I felt that my gift giving was anemic and my meal planning/presentation was always disappointing. And for years and years I dreaded the holidays because I always felt like an epic failure. And frankly, I still do. But the good news is that I’ve pretty much stopped torturing myself about it. And I chalk that up as a positive! I’m giving myself permission to be my completely inept self at the HoliDAZE! So I’m celebrating a decrease in self flagellation! Care to join me? Is there something about yourself that you could finally accept rather than resist? As my friend JK taught me years ago….”that which we resist, persists!” Let that sink in….

So I invite to give yourself the gift of increased acceptance and decreased self judgement this holiday season. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that, for the first time in eons, I’m CONSIDERING trying a New Year’s resolution. Historically, I’ve never made a resolution that I didn’t break…another weak area in my life. But this feels important enough to try, anyway! 

I’m thinking about SCHEDULING writing time into my week and maybe even into each day. Discipline has never been my forte. But this month has taught me that, without the expectation of the NaNoPoBlano Challenge, writing goes to the back burner and just doesn’t happen. So scheduling writing into my day seems to be the best way to create some positive progress and to avoid having more reasons to beat myself up. So, if I’m posting more regularly after the first of the year, you’ll know that the resolution thing is working! Fingers crossed!

And you, my friend? Is there anything you can do to feel better about yourself? Even if you don’t have any specific changes that you want to make, at least commit to being more gentle with yourself. You absolutely deserve your own kindness!

If we were having coffee, I would take this opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy New Year! May 2021 bring you an abundance of love, light and laughter! May you always remember that you’re an integral part of the world community! You matter!

I’m glad you’re here 💜

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12 thoughts on “Holiday Insights-If We Were Having Coffee 12/26/20

  1. Kay

    Reading your blog always makes me feel better about myself. I shall never be perfect and you’ve given me permission to simply be “me.” Perfection will always be just beyond my reach! And that’s O.K.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad it’s helpful! Thanks for visiting and reading!

      Jane Fonda said to Oprah–“Our challenge is not to be perfect. Perfection is a toxic pursuit. Our challenge is to be whole!!” ~~May we all know and experience our own wholeness as we look into another new year!!~~Namaste!! 💜🤗💜🤗💜


  2. Historically I have stopped making resolutions especially since I had an epic enlightenment when I made a resolution to not make a resolution and so I had broken the resolution as soon as I made it hahahaha one just cant win but winning isn’t everything so here we are
    compliments of the festive season

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    1. Hello!
      Oh resolutions are tedious things, aren’t they? I just want to figure out a way to write more….some how😊
      Wishing you a wonderful New Year! ✨🌈✨🌈✨


  3. Beverly Schellhaass

    Hi Dinah,
    The holidays come and go so fast – I love all of the pretty lights and colors that brighten up my house and attitude. Adjusting to the aging process is hard – I’m 77 and impatient with my slow body and slower mind. Everything becomes harder to do and takes more time and more effort. I used to be a perfectionist, a go go person, but now I have to overlook the things I don’t get done. Finding the balance between doing and not doing is difficult. I often think I’m lazy. May we all be healthy and stay healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

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