A Really Good Story About Angels—Day 11/30

Thanks for visiting. As a way of keeping us both interested in this 30 day blogging challenge, I’m going to tell you a story about something that happened last December. I really felt like it was a gift. And gifts are meant to be shared.

Last Fall I was completely exhausted. Life events kept happening and I was having trouble keeping up. I was power of attorney for my brain injured brother Tom and he was decompensating rapidly. I was on the phone constantly with the nursing home, the hospice staff and my other brother Dan. None of our efforts seemed to improve his comfort. It was tough.

Then, in October, I received a call that my brother Dan had fallen ill and had suffered a massive stroke. He was going to be removed from life support the next day. And, if I wanted to say goodbye, it had to be THAT DAY. We were 2 hours away. It was a lot to process. He and I had had a rocky relationship. But we had recently been working very well together on behalf of Tom. I was able to get to the hospital and say goodbye before he was removed from life-support. Closure.

The next month, November of last year, brought a scheduled surgery for my husband and immediately after that, the very sad loss of our cat Alaska. We had adopted her just four years before that. She had cancer. It was a tough loss.

Then, on December 12 in the middle of the night, I got a call from the nursing home. They were sure that my brother was dying. They said that we should come out immediately. He was in the best nursing home in the county. Unfortunately, it was out in the country, about a 20 minute drive. We got dressed and ran out to the nursing home. Once we were there, he seemed to stabilize. In fact, he even rallied. He talked a little bit. I think he even ate a cookie. We thought that this was just one more in a very long line of false alarms.

Sadly though, this scenario kept repeating. We were called out in the middle of the night again on Wednesday and then again on Friday.

My husband was only a month out from surgery. We were both exhausted. And I was extremely concerned about driving on those very rural roads in the middle of the night. There’s always the chance of black ice and animals in the road. So every time we got in the car I would say a very brief prayer.

I don’t belong to any specific religion. But I absolutely believe that there’s so much more than we understand. And I think angels are very real.

So back to the prayer… Every time we had to drive out there in the middle of the night, I would ask to have angels surround our vehicle protecting us and keeping us safe. I would also ask that the angels clear the road before us so that animals stayed out of the roadway. I actually say that little prayer every time we’re driving any distance.

The moon on that Friday morning was huge. It was just beautiful. Of course, all I had was my iPhone. And I’ve never taken a decent picture of the moon yet. But I still had to try. So I snapped a bunch of pictures. And then we arrived at the nursing home and went inside. I don’t think I looked at the pictures for an hour or so. But when I did, this is what showed up…

Photo by Dinah (c)—Angels surrounding us
Photo by Dinah (c) —Angels clearing the road ahead
Photo by Dinah (c)— Angels

Keep in mind that I am not smart enough, nor am I technically gifted enough to mess around with pictures… Other than to enlarge them. So what you see  in the pictures is untouched.

Some people will, without a doubt, say that it’s some weird light thing. And that’s OK. For me, it’s angels affirming their existence and showing me that we aren’t alone. We do have help from the other side. We just have to ask for it. 

My last remaining brother died that day. And it’s all OK… He’s not suffering anymore. And my husband and I were given a gift of angels.

I hope this story gives you some comfort and reminds you that you too are supported by angels! Keep remembering to ask for that support 🌹

I’m glad you’re here 💜

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25 thoughts on “A Really Good Story About Angels—Day 11/30

  1. I remember when you were going through all of this. I was connected with you, but I only got bits and pieces through facebook. I love that you felt supported, and that you believe that angels cleared the way. You have had a lot to go through last winter. Maybe this winter can be more relaxed? Much love to you, Dinah

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  2. Man, what a rough patch to go through! I do the same, praying that our angels surround us in the white light the of the Holy Spirit. I pray when we are on our motorcycles especially at dusk – please keep the animals safe in the woods and out of the road! I’ll be praying again as my hubs ventures out to PA tomorrow to pick up a bike. Will keep yours in our prayers too for a quick recovery!

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  3. Wow Dinah – I’m so sorry to hear all this. What a tough path you’re traveled. I think you already know that I’m a Christian and I absolutely believe in Angels as existing to both honor God but come near to us to be the instruments by which God helps us through stuff like you went through.
    About your photos – hmm, I guess they could be just a slow aperture, but I’ like your take better. They are very cool and whether you saw them or not, I could easily see how God would have surrounded your car with them just because you asked and he certainly knew that your path was very hard at the time.
    May peace and honor surround each thought of your brothers.
    May you have a couple years of peace and time to just process and breathy freely.

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    1. Thanks Gary. Yes, last year was tough and my brain just needed rest. That’s why my blog went mostly dormant. I hope that this Nanopoblano November Blogging Challenge gets me back in the saddle again.
      I appreciate your kind thoughts! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead 🌺


    1. I’m so sorry, I somehow missed your comment. Please forgive me. I really appreciate your visit and your support! I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  4. Linda

    Dinah, Sorry for your loss, hope your husband is okay. I remember seeing you as an infant, when we stopped to see Dilly’s sister your Mom, Evelyn. Judy showed me your pictures on her phone on her Birthday. I do belief we have a guardian angel to protect us and pray to mine daily. You have some interesting photos.

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    1. Lovely to meet you (again) although I don’t remember our first meeting. Thank you for your kind wishes for my husband 💜 I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures 💜Thanks for reading my blog!


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