Wisdom Wednesday 2/17/21

Mindfulness đź’ś

Introducing Wisdom Wednesday! My thought is that this will be an opportunity to explore different thoughts/beliefs/insights from various Wisdom Traditions that can add to our individual peace of mind and heart. Let’s face it, the world isn’t getting any easier to navigate any time soon. So, since we can’t control the outside chaos, we can give ourselves a huge gift by turning to ancient wisdom. 

So…where to begin…..

How about “Mindfulness”…

We could spin the wheel and start anywhere really. There’s no one way, no right way to mindfulness. Mindfulness encourages us to look within ourselves, to look at our habits and to start discerning what habits support our wellbeing and what habits sabotage it. 

Looking within is all about self reflection, self care and learning to become self referencing. Don’t misunderstand…this is not about being selfish. In fact, it’s the antithesis of being selfish. When you’re choosing to be selfish, you’re behaving in a way that shows that you have the expectation that everything and everyone needs to revolve around you and your whims/desires. 

When you’re self referencing, you’re taking the responsibility for meeting your own needs. You’re doing your best to remain strong and healthy, recognizing that your gifts/talents can best be shared with others when you’re healthy in body, mind and spirit. 

Being mindful means that you’re aware. You know you’re both an individual AND a part of the community. You do your best to respond thoughtfully or mindfully rather than just react to challenges… Because you’re aware and mindful of the fact that reactivity can be sabotaging to yourself and/or your community.

So….for our maiden voyage into Wisdom Wednesday….let’s start by going within mindfully and asking ourselves to really look at how we engage with the world. When, in the last week, have we responded healthily to challenging people or situations and when have we reacted negatively or unhealthily? And how can we all choose better moving forward?

Remember… This is not about beating yourself up. This is about taking inventory. It’s about seeing where you did well and where you can improve. And it’s about taking that information and using it to grow and flourish in day to day life.

Every positive step that you take, every positive gain helps you and the community… Both locally and globally… The ripple effect is big and real and everyone benefits from more and improved mindfulness!

*** Be sure to tune in next Wednesday… I plan to share a personal story about mindfulness during a problem with a coworker…

Please feel free to comment/discuss below… Sometimes talking about it can be helpful.

I’m glad you’re here💜

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