Wisdom Wednesday 4/14/21 Activism!

Photo and information by Sandy Sharkey

Today’s Wisdom Wednesday is about activism. I believe that we must take care of each other. And we must be a voice for the voiceless.

I happened upon a Facebook post that has disturbed me all day. I called the number listed and it’s all true! Wild horses are under threat again…still….always. Please read the post below that I copied from Facebook. Please use your voice to help protect our wild family. They deserve to remain free!

I intend to call frequently and to share/remind people often to keep speaking up. —About two years ago I witnessed a goose round up in my town. The humans decided that there were too many geese, too much poop…whatever…So they waited until molting season when the geese can’t fly. Men in boats herded them toward shore. More men on shore herded them into a fenced area where they were grabbed, none too gently, and stuffed in too small cages. They were standing in the fenced area…unable to fly or fight…resigned to their inhumane fate at the hands of humans. It was gut wrenching to witness!

Our wild family deserve to live free. Please speak up. And please ask your friends and networks to speak up too….see below….


Heartbreaking news: the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning to round up most of the beloved wild horses of Onaqui in Utah. From July 12th to July 22nd, the sounds of helicopters will fill the skies over this vast desert.
Through my photography, my hope is to show the deep connections that wild horses share. Family is everything. Stallions, mares and foals have close bonds with each other, and it is very moving and beautiful to witness.
This July, terrified families of wild horses will be chased by helicopters for miles. The stallions, mares and foals will give every ounce of determination to stay together. Foals will collapse, mares will cry out and stallions will fight to save their families. But in the end, after all endurance and heart from the wild horses is exhausted, the heavy hand of mankind and machinery will prevail. Not only will these magnificent, sentient animals lose their freedom, they will lose their families. Their heart and their spirit will be broken.
The approved number of cattle and sheep allowed to graze on public lands in the Onaqui area is over 26,000.
The number of wild horses will be reduced to 104.
Can we stop the roundup? We can try. Our voices are needed now more than ever.
Please contact Tami Howell, at the BLM Salt Lake City Field office and voice your opposition to the Onaqui roundup. Email thowell@blm.gov or call 801-977-4300
Additionally, please follow Onaqui Catalogue for important updates.

Thank you for caring and sharing
For more images of wild horses of Onaqui, please see http://www.sandysharkey.com

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