Dinah’s Coffee Chat 4/30/21 SPRING!

This is what our crab apple tree will look like in a few weeks 💜

If we were having coffee…….

If we were having coffee….I’d be so happy to see you! It’s a sunny Spring day and, to me anyway, everything is better in Spring! Welcome! Grab your favorite cup of whatever makes you happy and come sit in the sun with me. 

Have you noticed that the grass is finally that deep Spring green? And you can see that our dwarf crab apple tree is full of little green buds. The trees will be leafing out soon. Perhaps I’ve mentioned once (or 100 times) that this is my favorite time of year! Everything about the daily sojourn into summer makes me happy. I’m glad you’re here to share the joy. 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that we’re hoping to see fawns soon. We have a few deer that visit our yard regularly so we’re watching with great anticipation. One year we had two does and each had a fawn. They would come visit often and the fawns would play and chase each other in our yard! Hoping for more of that this Spring….Nature is so healing. Now that the extremes of Winter are pretty much behind us, I’m anxious to be outside!

Photo by Don
Photo by Don

And, in keeping with the nature topic, I’ve recently started following a beautifully curated nature blog that features stunning images from the South African Bush. You can see it here: https://allysbushtales.com/2021/04/30/zebra-cliffhanger/comment-page-1/#comments. I promise, it’s gorgeous!

In other news, my Hebrew Shamanism class ended a few weeks ago. It was fabulous! We’ve decided, as a group, to continue meeting twice per month to keep journeying together and exploring our individual and group shamanic gifts. This Sunday is our first meeting. I’m so looking forward to it!

And you, my friend… How are you? How have you fared this week? I truly hope that all is well in your world and that you can have some time this weekend to do something that will feed your soul. Wishing you time in nature or time with a good book and hot bath.

I’m so glad you’re here 💜

The weekend coffee chat is hosted by Natalie the Explorer And you can find more coffee chats here https://fresh.inlinkz.com/party/1ab4ee0438f648ce848a0ee000e56f75

19 thoughts on “Dinah’s Coffee Chat 4/30/21 SPRING!

  1. Glad spring has arrived and that you’ll soon be graced with the crab apple blossoms. I hope you do see fawns this year! Those are great pictures, and I’m sure watching them play in your yard is a huge pleasure! Have a great week 🙂

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  3. I totally agree that everything is better in spring. To see nature wake up again, it’s amazing every year. We’ve had a wonderful weekend with good weather and I’ve planted seeds both days in our new mini greenhouse. Fabulous!

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    1. Ohh that sounds like heaven! We also had a shockingly beautiful weekend. The last several weeks have been gray and in the 40s. Yesterday flew all the way up to 86° and today was 76°! So beautiful! We are supposed to go back into the 50s all of next week… But that’s OK. Spring is here! Enjoy your garden! And thanks so much for visiting🌺💜🌺


  4. Love the seeing the fawns in your yard. Nature is so varied and beautiful. After a couple of years without ’em, I have some blue wild violets in the back yard near the workshop door. I look forward to being able to clear out last year’s garden rubble and sow some seeds, a daisy mixture, that the neighbor across the back fence gave to us. They’re not planting, this year. Is nice, also, to have a spiritual community to work with. Our “Artist’s Way” group has stayed connected for 20 years or so. Great, having long-lived ties to people, as well as making new friends.

    Best wishes for your week!

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    1. Ohhhh I love daisies! I’ll try to post a picture of ours. Just love them! I hope yours get huge! Enjoy your planting and thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful week!

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  5. Hi Dinah.

    Sorry for being so late. It was a challenging weekend but I got some good writing in and hope to have a new story, maybe two ready to share soon. This time I’m trying a bit of SciFi and one story I thought would be around 2000 words, argued and won me over to making it more like 7500 words. This means that I’m hoping for find some folks willing to spend about 40 minutes with it. Not an easy task for me, but this is how we grow, right?

    Our first home was very close to open hillsides and we had lots of deer. They made my neighbor nuts as he could not plant anything without the deer eating it. I chose not to engage the struggle with either him or the deer.

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