Happy Birthday to WA&E

Birthdays are important! I like saying Happy Birthday to friends and family….even though I’m almost always late. The sentiment is real even if it isn’t timely!

True to form, I’m acknowledging another birthday with sincerity but not with timeliness…..

With Angels and Elephants turned one year old in October! Yay! Thanks to Ra Avis (blogger extraordinaire) for her kind and gentle support in getting it started. Without her, this would still be a thought for someday rather than the reality that it is! Thank you Ra!

Over this last year I have proven that I’m pretty good and quite consistent in my neglect of this space. Going forward… I hope to improve my level of consistency and engagement!

November blogging challenge!

To that end, I have once again joined the #NanoPoblano challenge. This year is #nanonano2021 …Instead of committing to 30 posts in 30 days, most of our group is committing to at least 10 posts in the month of November and 10 days of reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts and 10 days of maintenance on our own blogs. This sounds more manageable. Wish me luck!

You can read other bloggers #nanonano2021 posts Here

In the meantime… Please know that I am incredibly grateful for your support and readership over this last year. I hope you will enjoy the blog even more in the year to come!

I’m glad you’re here 💜

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