Two Things At Once—Day 5/30

A commentator that I like often says “Let’s remember that two things can be true at once!” I love that reminder. 

I am always at least two things at once, sometimes I’m way more than just two things. 

Today I am dreading winter and still appreciating the stark landscape that the season creates. The golds and browns, the greens that manage to retain their color regardless of the seasonal onslaught and the gray sky that has a right to be less than cheerful too. 

Today I am disgusted about the weight I’ve gained and yet still wanting to eat at least a small treat every day despite said disturbing weight gain. 

Today I want to go and do something social. I want to bum around a store or go out for dinner with friends. I want to be active. And yet I really don’t want to leave the house because it’s cold and rainy and windy. 

I’m always many things at once. Some of them blend and cooperate. Some of them are diametrically opposed and put me in the middle as mediator. 

My guess is that most of us are multiple truths at once. It’s the challenge of the human condition! 

We are many truths and multiple shoulds and desires big and small that inevitably collide with obligations and time frames and way too many “have to’s”. Is it any wonder we’re stressed and confused?

Two things can be true at once. And I am many levels of truth just trying to move peacefully through the chaos of today.

****This post is part of the 2022 Nanopoblano November writing challenge. We commit to writing a blog post every day if it all possible and to supporting each other in our writing endeavors. All of my cheer pepper friends would appreciate your support. You can find all of their blogs HERE:

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