Dysfunctional Family Bingo—Day 23/30

I must begin by giving 100% credit to author Martha Beck. She came up with this ingenious idea. I’m only sharing it with you because I think it’s so wonderful.

Those of us with dysfunctional families know that holidays can be more than challenging. Some things are predictable. Some things are not. But regardless of the dysfunction, Martha created a way to have fun anyway!

The original website does not appear to be working, so I’m going to put screenshots below. You can make your own forms based on the information in the screenshots.

I so wish that I would have had this game when my family was still getting together. It would have been a blast!

Our holidays are much more uneventful now. And I appreciate that.…

If you do the family thing, enjoy the game above. And, if you do a more solo version of the holiday, then I wish you a day full of all of your favorite things. Whatever that means to you.

Happy Thanksgiving !

I’m glad you’re here💜

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14 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Family Bingo—Day 23/30

  1. pk.glenn1@verizon.net

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dinah!  Low-key holidays are always the best.  We’re planning a simple T’giving dinner at home and will join my daughter and her bunch on Friday over in St. Petersburg (about a one hour drive from here).  Fortunately, my ex-husband and his lady friend will be celebrating elsewhere as will my bipolar son.  Without the two of them, our day should be relatively stress free.   Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband!  

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    1. My brother used to say the same thing about our family. But I never saw it as fun.… My family of origin is all gone now. So my husband and I create different holiday traditions with friends these days. It’s much less stressful!

      Wishing you a fabulous Thanksgiving.🌺🙏🌺

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  2. Oof, well we have challenging family for sure! No thanksgiving in the UK but very tempted to use this for pre-Xmas gathering we are doing this year. Luckily though there are two newborns in family now so think they will be distracting enough for rest of family to be on best behaviour! Glad you had a good thanksgiving 🙂

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    1. I completely understand hard family dynamics. I really believe that this game would have made it all so much more fun.
      You understand that you don’t play it with your family. You play it with some friends while you’re each with your family. Whoever gets to bingo first gets a lunch from the other players!! What fun.
      If you do play it at Christmas, let me know how it goes 💜💜
      And enjoy those babies 💜💜

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