Friends and Distance—Day 22/30

Photo by Dinah (c)

This will be a shorter post… The day has gotten away from me a bit. However, I committed to doing a post every day. So, I’m going to do my best to do that. But I also want to respect your time and not blab on too long if I don’t have much to say… So here you go…

One of our blogging friends recently wrote about Far Away Friends by Janelle Visser (check out her blog).
And it got me thinking….

The gift (and the curse) of the pandemic was that so much went online. Things that had never been virtual before, suddenly became virtual.

And it worked!

For those of us with mobility issues, it was actually somewhat of a godsend.… At least that’s true for me. A whole new world opened up to me. There were workshops and seminars and classes that all became available. I happily took advantage of so many of those opportunities.

And now, as a result, I have several more faraway friends! These are people that I met in online gatherings… And we clicked.

There’s a gift and a curse in everything, I guess. The light and the dark, the ying and the yang….. everything has its pros and cons.

It’s wonderful to have friends all over the country. And it’s challenging to have friends all over the country.

We email. We talk over the phone. But I frequently wish we could just hang out….watch a movie together, order a pizza, go sit by the lake.

And maybe some day we will.

Until then, dear far away friends, know that I appreciate you. And I look forward to spending real time with you….when the stars align.

I’m glad you’re here💜

****This post is part of the 2022 Nanopoblano November writing challenge. We commit to writing a blog post every day if it all possible and to supporting each other in our writing endeavors. All of my cheer pepper friends would appreciate your support. You can find all of their blogs HERE:

11 thoughts on “Friends and Distance—Day 22/30


    Many of my friends are “far away friends” … most I’ve known personally at different points in my life and you, Dinah, through a mutual friend and your blog.  Even though we’ve never met, I like your style and positive approach to life.  I’m happy to count you among my “far away friends.”  Perhaps one day we’ll meet.  Hope so.  Another nice blog today!  

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  2. Far away friends are happy friends and also sad friends. Most of my friends are far away, and sadly this was the case even before the pandemic. I am always on the move, you see, and always leave my friends behind. But we do keep in touch so that is something! I hope you will get to watch a movie and have a pizza and sit by the lake with all of your lovely far away friends 🙂

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