Dinah’s Something New Part 3

So this is part three… I’m trying something new. You can read Part one and Part two using these hyperlinks if you’re interested. Also, if you’re interested in the process, the VIDEO is easy to understand and follow.

In learning how to hand crochet (no needles), I’m also getting a new appreciation for learning itself. Learning, like life, is never just one thing. It’s multi layered and connects to so many other things.

At the beginning I had trouble getting started. It felt like I was doing something wrong and I couldn’t figure out what that was. But then I just stopped… I stopped worrying about getting it wrong. I stopped worrying about how it would look. I decided to just start the process and see what happened.

And, because I had absolutely no history of working with yarn, I couldn’t predict outcomes. For example, the video shows rather large loops. I didn’t know if I liked that look so I tried doing it with much smaller loops. The outcome was both positive and negative. The thing that I produced was way too stiff to be used as a scarf. But it taught me what happens when you use much smaller loops. So, instead of a scarf, I decided that it could be a table runner! And I learned what yarn does when the weave is tight.

From scarf to table runner
My first attempt became a cat bed

And finally… I followed the directions and made a scarf that actually looks pretty good! 

But, before I could say that it looked good, and that I was happy with it, I had to take the end of it apart. I had not been consistent with my loops and it had gotten too small at the end… Which looked bad! I was afraid to take it apart though because I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, and… One wrong cut, and a whole bunch of it could unravel. I let it sit overnight and thought about it. And it came down to this… Either I leave it as it is and hate it, or I try and fix it and risk wrecking it… So I fixed it and I’m happy I did. 

I have now produced three things… One of which I actually like.

But it’s so much more than one scarf. In learning to make that scarf, I learned about yarn and what it does. I learned about the need for consistency in the loops. I learned about what mistakes happen easily, and how to avoid them. I learned that my deteriorating hands could actually do this… Which frankly is thrilling! And by learning all of the above… I gave myself a brand new hobby… And I’ve never had a hobby before! I learned and learned and learned!

The scarf!!!!

In addition to the above happenings this week … My husband had a surgical procedure. It was a repeat of the one that was done last November. He is recovering well. But we welcome any and all prayers and positive energies directed his way.

And you my friend? How are you? What’s new in your neck of the woods? Please feel free to start a conversation in the comments section below.

I’m glad you’re here💜

The Weeknd coffee share is hosted by Natalie the Explorer and you can find more coffee shares Here

24 thoughts on “Dinah’s Something New Part 3

    1. Thanks so much! I’m really starting to enjoy it. If you have any interest in it at all… Check out the video in the blog. It’s so easy! Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you have a great week ahead.🌺


  1. I don’t know how I missed part 1 and 2, just went back and read them now. This is so cool! I’ve seen this done before, with that thick fuzzy yarn that must be heavenly to the touch. My mom was a crochet marvel and I managed to accidently crochet a sock one time. But yes, what good therapy for your hands! So glad you are having fun.. And lots of good healing juju coming your husband’s way!

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate all your good wishes. And how are you? How is your recovery coming? Hoping all is going well for you… And wishing you continued easy healing moving forward. Have a wonderful week.🌺


  2. Well done stopping worrying about getting it wrong! I’ve tried ordinary crocheting but barely knew that hand crocheting was a thing! Your productions look comfy and warm, I hope your cat will like it too – and that your husband continues to recover well.
    Here we’re in the middle of a cold snap but I’m well stocked up with knitwear, both Aran & Donegal knits, and things my mother made.

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    1. Winter is upon us as well! I’m not a fan of winter at all… But that has never stopped it from coming, unfortunately! Wishing you warmth and coziness throughout the season! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely week.🌺


    1. You’re right! I can do a 6 foot long scarf in just a couple of hours while watching television. And, if I weren’t disabled, it could be done in probably 45 minutes. It’s very easy! Thanks so much for visiting and I hope your week ahead is lovely.🌺

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  3. Hi Dinah,
    I love your results and the whole “learning – learning – and more learning” thing.
    I do wonder about one of your claims above.
    If we were kicking back at a local coffee shop or maybe even a micro-brewery, I’d be trying to understand how you can say that you never had a hobby before?
    Perhaps you mean only crafts type hobbies or something, because so many pastimes can be hobbies. My wife and I are both readers but she makes me look like I’m not as serious as she is. I can say that reading for me is a very pleasant hobby but for her, it’s grown into a lifestyle.
    I think you could have a good hobby as a reviewer. The feedback you’ve given me on my stories have been wonderful and I hope you enjoyed doing it because that could be a hobby. For me, writing is a hobby. Like any other, I like to create certain types of things, I need to constantly be learning and practicing and no one pays me to do it. It just gives me joy and leaves something behind as proof that I existed.
    I also know that you’ve had some major life distractions in the past few years. I hope your new hobby gives you a satisfying, productive and peaceful place from which to enjoy life for a while.

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    1. Thanks, Gary! Yes, you’re right. I do enjoy reading and writing. But I’ve never had a hobby that was craft oriented… Making something with my hands. Because of my disability, and how it effects my hands, I’ve just never been able to produce anything that I liked. I tried sewing in high school and I’m pretty sure her that I gave my teacher a migraine several times per week… I just couldn’t control the fabric and the foot pedal and everything else that had to be monitored… I also tried needlepoint. But I got sick of stabbing myself with that stupid needle! And on and on… So this is the first thing that I haven’t hated after I did it! It feels good to enjoy making something.
      And I have not forgotten about those stories… It’s just been a busy time planning for my husband‘s surgery last week. I’ll get to them soon.
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week ahead.🌺


    1. Thank you! So far, so good… I made another scarf in gray. And last night I attempted a hat. I had to rip it all apart because I made a very obvious mistake. I’ll probably try again tonight. I’ll keep doing it as long as it keeps being fun! I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for visiting🌺


    1. Hi Julie!
      I haven’t done a blanket yet. I’m on my third scarf… Just trying to figure out how to be more consistent in my loops… A blanket will come though.
      Hoping all is well in your world! Happy weekend 💜


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