If we were having coffee 11/6/20 & NaNoPoBlano Day 6

If we were having coffee 11/6/20

If we were having coffee, I’d want to sit outside because we’re having shockingly warm weather for November. We need to enjoy every second of it.

We could talk about surviving these stressful political times and about maintaining, not just our sanity, but our loving kindness for self and especially for others.

When my dad died, a friend said….As you go through these very challenging days of funeral planning and the actual funeral itself, try to remain aware of the sacred. Pay attention to the gifts within this time because there will be many if you remain mindful. It was good advice. She was right.

I’m trying to remember that now. I’m trying to see the sacred in these days. There are lessons embedded in everything. And becoming the observer and looking for the Light within these dark days is helping me to feel more interested and intrigued rather than angry or anxious. And don’t get me wrong, the pendulum still swings. I do wander into anxious; who wouldn’t! But, thanks to my friend’s advice, I don’t reside in anxious. I just visit periodically.

If we were having coffee, I’d suggest that we help and support each other in remaining the observer so that we could find the embedded gifts in these troubled times. Maybe the gifts are about going within and learning to maintain our equilibrium regardless of what’s going on around us. Or perhaps the gifts are about remembering there is no “them”. There is only us, only we….and we need to come together and just be kind. Maybe the lesson is meant to teach us to be kind no matter what is happening externally.

If we were having coffee, I’d be grateful for an opportunity to hang with a friend….

I’m tired and I’m trying and I’m so glad you’re here!

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12 thoughts on “If we were having coffee 11/6/20 & NaNoPoBlano Day 6

  1. bearmkwa

    Hugs…. The very same concept was shared to me many years ago when I lost a very very dear one. Look for the little things…see God in the minute’ of things.. Like a drop of water on a rose petal… The chirp of a bird after a storm…. I spent many hours haunting the conservatory and gardens around it. I sat on the corner with a homeless man and learned how to hold my arm (virtually useless from a stroke) out for a pigeon or dove to perch on. He showed me to plant a seed in a used soup can, tuck it in a hidden corner and watch it grow into a rose. These little things got me through those horrible days of recovery and relearning how to live. Your friend is very wise. May I challenge you to pick up a leaf…. Hold it up to the sun and really study the structure of it. Think about how it came to be… And remember that the one who created that also created YOU… And if he cared enough about the details of that leaf, how much more so he cares for you.

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    1. Yup, me too. It’s getting old. My husband and I are being very careful…and although it’s necessary, it’s also quite tedious. May we all know peace and patience now and for the coming months. Thanks for taking a virtual coffee break with me 😊

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  2. Hi Dinah, I need a “me too” button because this past week has exhausted me. If you include my coffee post, I’ve already said too much about the election, but I’m tired also of fighting off nature in our front yard in the form of woodpeckers killing a favorite tree. On the other hand, I’ve had a quiet week at work which doesn’t happen often these days – so I’m actually more thankful than distressed. I too am glad for the chance to just visit, even virtually, with some friends.

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  3. Nice to see you new friend!
    Yes, I think we all need some extra time and space to just breathe! I hope you gift yourself with some time outside with that favorite tree and a nice long nap before work starts again!
    See you next week 😊


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