Angels among us!- NaNoPoBlano Day 9

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I first posted the story below on Facebook, in a closed group, in August. I was testing the waters. I wanted to see how it felt to publicly share an experience that some might consider weird or… Whatever. It felt fine. It was received well. So now I’m sharing it publicly. One more step out of the closet!

Interesting experience…

OK… So here you go…

On July 29, 2020 I fell and broke my left arm and cracked my left kneecap. I needed surgery on my arm. They had to implant a long metal rod because the bone was split the long way. Before surgery on July 31, I was feeling very snarky. I felt like the universe had sort of let me down by allowing this to happen…

I believe that energy follows intention. I believe it’s important to have clear intentions, especially going into something big. So I was putting out my intentions…to the Universe… And I said… I would like to be kept safe during surgery. I’m certainly not ready to die. But… You all could certainly redeem yourselves in someway if you could give me a cool experience during surgery… Like a near death experience or maybe seeing an angel and I don’t feel like this is too much to ask given the mess that I now have to deal with…

I know that that sounds snarky and childish but that’s the way I was feeling. So I had surgery and when I started to regain my brain I thought back and thought… Crap! I didn’t have any cool experiences…One more disappointment!

So later that night, Friday night, a nurse comes in and tells me that the doctor has ordered Lovenox to prevent blood clots. And she gives me a shot in my stomach. I have a very, very clear memory of this.

The next night, Saturday night, the nurse comes in and says… The doctor has started you on Lovenox to prevent blood clots. I have to give you a shot in your stomach. I said….Yeah, I had it last night. She said… No you didn’t. It was just ordered today. I said… Are you sure? She said that yes, it was just started Saturday…

I didn’t explain it to her or engage in a discussion with her. I just sat with the experience…So maybe I got my angel experience after all…❤️

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