Writing Stew-NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 8

Pensive Moments

Well, I’m about 2 1/2 weeks into blogging and one week into the 4 week NaNoPoBlano Challenge. And today I’m stewing.

I have about eight different blog posts started and I’m trying to decide which ones to actually finish and post.

I’m realizing that blogging is an art unto itself. There is certainly a learning curve in terms of what makes a good post and what doesn’t. I wonder to myself what would be interesting to other people. I worry about being sure that I’m not being self-indulgent. I’m trying to find the balance. And balance has always been both a literal and figurative challenge for me!

On one hand, I feel like I might be able to share some unique perspective and some not so ordinary topics such as… Living with disability, shamanism, the ins and outs of finding out that my biological father was someone I never met (Misattributed Parentage -this is becoming a much more common experience with affordable DNA testing) just to name a few.

I also want to use this space to uplift and connect people without sounding preachy or Pollyanna-ish.

This is me standing at one of those intersections where you can choose like 6 different roads to travel. At some point I’ll have to just start moving and hope that it’ll be meaningful or helpful or enjoyable for more than just me. And if I choose the road with inherent potholes, I hope you’ll buckle up and come along for the ride anyway.

So tonight I rest. Tomorrow I try to become more decisive about setting a tone….if that’s truly possible.

I’m glad you’re here 🌹

And my fellow NaNoPoBlano blogging challenge gang can be found here:

4 thoughts on “Writing Stew-NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 8

  1. I usually don’t plan out what I’m going to blog very far in advance- I have an idea, pop it in a draft, and then forget about it for two years. (It’s true- there are some VERY old ideas in my drafts.)

    For nanopoblano, though, I have a text file open on my desktop pretty much all the time, and I write ahead as much as I can- I have trouble getting things done on week-nights, so on the weekend I bank as many posts as I can. Right now, I have stuff scheduled through Saturday already. If I have a bright idea that is more timely, I can always move things around later. For example, the one I put up today about going to BLM plaza yesterday was sort of right-now important, so I swapped out the thing that was originally going to go up today.

    Everyone’s got a different method, when it comes to this, and you really just have to do what works for you. If you have eight started right now, the answer to the question of which one to finish first is whichever one you already know the ending of. 😀

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I so appreciate just knowing your “system” because, at this early stage, I have nothing! I’m just kind of bumping around in the dark. And, admittedly, that’s somewhat normal for me. It takes me way too long to organize or to come up with a system. So hearing about yours is VERY helpful.
      Thanks again 🌹😊🌹

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  2. my system is to write lol
    I pretend to have drafts and ideas all scheduled out and occasionally they do come to completion… some posts are for me, others are for audience and sometimes its a bit of both but mostly I lean towards self-indulgence, I have since realised people respond better to when I write what I love than what I think people want to read

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