The Way -NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 29/30

Spiritual seekers particularly are on a quest to understand life; we want to examine our own lives and find meaning in what we do and who we are. We find meaning in the seeking itself. Every step along the way is the Way.
~ Lama Surya Das

The above is copied from a Facebook post created by “Earthschool Harmony.” She does an amazing job of putting love and gentleness out into the world. And she has a book of original poetry available on Amazon. You should check her out

Her post was, as usual, food for thought.


Such a great reminder. I can get so caught up in that future “when”….

-Everything will be better WHEN: spring returns…..or

the pandemic is over….or

the boss finally retires….or

the credit cards are paid off…. etc…..

All of that may or may not happen. You may get a new job offer long before the boss retires. The Universe has far more ways of bringing happiness than we can even conceive of….but we may not see them if we’re laser focused on a specific outcome.

I really believe our job is to instead be laser focused on happiness and let the details take care of themselves. I’ve challenged myself to do this and it works for me.

I don’t postpone my happiness UNTIL something happens. I’m bound and determined to be happy NOW!

Certainly my husband and I have our issues. We both have some health and pain issues that are chronic and that we’d LOVE to do without. But that hasn’t happened yet. And we’re not going to sit around miserably until that vague “someday.” Instead, we try to look for things to enjoy and appreciate and laugh about EVERY DAY!

It’s not always easy but it’s always worth it!

I know we’re all in this difficult Covid weirdness. Nobody likes it. But don’t let it rob you of weeks/months of your life and your happiness.

Look for things that make you smile or laugh or appreciate! Start where you are….even if all you can initially do is think…”well at least my boss didn’t tick me off today. So I guess I’m grateful for that.” Good for you! It’s a start! Do it every day. You’ll see that you’ll get better and better and that’ll translate into feeling better and better.

You deserve to be happy NOW, not someday. Happiness is the way to happiness!

Your visiting here makes me happy. I’m grateful for you!

I’m glad you’re here 💜

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