WE DID IT -NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 30/30

Wow!! We’ve reached the end of the monthlong NaNoPoBlano Challenge. And I’m thrilled to report that I did it….a blog post per day for 30 days! This is big because I had just started my blog like a week or so beforehand. As a complete newbie, I was apprehensive. But I’m so glad I did it!

I’m glad I did it because I’m a lifelong MASTER procrastinator. NaNoPoBlano made me stick to blogging daily. I know I wouldn’t have done even half of these posts had I not committed to this challenge. It helped me to start an actual writing practice. Admittedly, I have massive room for improvement with said practice BUT I’ve at least started and now I actually have something to improve upon. Yay!

I’m glad I did it because it taught me that I CAN DO IT and that I love it. I never knew how much I loved words and writing and expression. I wrote and self published a book and I didn’t especially love that. But I, at least right now, am loving blogging.

I’m glad I did it because it taught me some basic blogging etiquette. I still have tons to learn. But I know more than I did a month ago. And that’s something!

I’m glad I did it because I had the honor of being a part of an auspicious community of talented writers. These are people who are doing their best to care for themselves and their world. And one of the ways they do that is by writing. They write to make sense of the world, to connect, and to add some beauty into life. I’ve listed all of their blogs below. Please try to visit their sites. You’ll be glad you did!

As the challenge comes to an end, I want to thank and acknowledge our founder and champion, Ra Avis! As I’ve said before, she is grace personified. She’s also a gifted writer. She is truly a gift to all who know her….and I’ve been able to get to know her better through this blogging endeavor…lucky me! I’m pretty sure that whenever a friendship is made in the blogverse, an angel does the blog-dance-for-joy! The angels dance a lot in NaNoPoBlano month! You can read Ra’s art here Rarasaur.com You can also purchase her wearable art through her Etsy shop here https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheGirlBehindTheDino

Fear not! I’ll still be blogging regularly. It just won’t be part of NaNoPoBlano until November rolls around again.

Thanks for being with me during this process of starting and learning to blog. I intend to keep working at it to keep being worthy of your time.

I’m glad you’re here 💜

2020 TEAM

Angie at thelifeofananxiouswriter.com

Anyes at https://farawayinthesunshine.wordpress.com

Carolyn R. Owens at https://infinitycoaching.net/blog/

Charlene at https://theillusionofcontrolledchaos.wordpress.com/

Christine at http://www.christinebialczak.com

Dani at https://danijaneblog.wordpress.com/

Dean at http://instagram.com/deankealydesign

Deepika at https://mildlyinterestingweblog.wordpress.com/

DiAnne at diannesthingsat.wordpress.com

Dinah at https://withangelsandelephants.com/

DonBroJo at http://instagram.com/TheDonBroJo

EdinburghCook at https://edinburghcook.com/

Eschudel at http://zombieflamingoes.com

Everhart at everhartwrites.wordpress.com

Ewhyard at www.my-life-space.com

Ghostmmnc at https://teleportingweena.wordpress.com/

J. Gi at jgifederizo.wordpress.com

Jessie at Behindthewillows.com

Ka at http://Fiestaestrellas.com

Kay at https://suddenlytheyalldied.com

Kathleen at www.kathleenhowell.com

Kel at www.rewritingkel.wordpress.com

Kellea at https://the40andoverproject.com/

Kim at https://drunkonlifeblog.com/

Leanne at https://readandwritehere.wordpress.com/

Life in Paradise at https://lifeforpara.wordpress.com/

Liz at http://catsandchocolate.com

Lorna at https://ginlemonade.com

Marley at http://www.dailybastardette.com/

NerdyWordyBirdy at https://nerdywordybirdy.blog/

Owen at www.notalentforcertainty.com

Psychobabble (Melissa) at http://psychobabblepants.wordpress.com/

Ra at Rarasaur.com

Rebecca at https://mommyquits.wordpress.com/

Sarah at https://thestarsandrainbowsjournal.wordpress.com/

Shooting Nebula at https://shoot1ngnebula.wordpress.com/

Steve at stevenglassman.com

Stu at stuartnager.wordpress.com

William S. Friday at billfriday.com

Wise Scribble at http://wisescribble.wordpress.com

Writing Sparkle at https://writingiscommunication.wordpress.com/

ydkmbiym at ydkmbiym.wordpress.com

xingfulmama at https://xingfumama.blog/

6 thoughts on “WE DID IT -NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 30/30

    1. Absolutely! Meeting you and getting to know you through your blog has been lovely! You are a natural observer with a flare for poignant retelling! Keep writing. The world needs your kind of beauty! Looking forward to more…And someday a chat over coffee💜 Pepper hugs right back to you 💜

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