The big “IT”

Photo by Dinah (c)

It sits there, like the face of someone I should know but can’t quite place.

It sits there like a name or a word…on the tip of my tongue but just out of reach.

It sits there like something I should know or like something I’ve forgotten and shouldn’t have.

It pushes me. It nudges me. It’s something that wants to come through me and it’s been there all my life.

I thought it might reveal itself in the watercolor painting classes I took years ago. It didn’t.

I hoped it would be placated by the book I wrote in 2009. It wasn’t.

It’s vague but demanding.
It’s elusive yet palpable.
It’s never really taken a form that I can recognize yet it never goes away!

Is it another book or an undiscovered talent? Or is it a type of work that I have yet to do?

Perhaps it’s time to befriend this constant feeling. Maybe we should sit together over coffee, this feeling and I.

Maybe I’ve been a poor companion or a lousy listener.

Can I get quiet enough to hear a feeling? Can I go deeply enough to see form through dense fog?

Will this feeling ever communicate how it wants to manifest and join the world?

I’m listening in every way I can!

I’m glad you’re here💜

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