#10minchallenge Day 1

Photo by Don

Prompt: One man’s trash….

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m very much into metaphysics and all things “woo-woo.” It’s what feeds my soul.

When I was just discovering the various avenues leading to metaphysics, my friend showed me a new quartz crystal that she’d bought at a stand in the mall. I loved it and immediately wanted one. But she told me the stand was gone. I was so bummed!

Part of learning to view the world through a metaphysical lens means remembering that energy ALWAYS follows intention. Create a clear intention and the Universe will line up circumstances and events to support you. The poet Rumi said it best. He said… Act as if everything is rigged in your favor!

So I quietly put my intention out into the Universe. I stated that I wanted a crystal of my own. And my husband and I were newly married and didn’t have much money, so I needed it to be cheap/affordable. And I wanted it to be sooner rather than later. Done.

About a month later my husband and I were visiting my older brother. He was a general contractor. We walked into his house and there… Just inside the door… Was a beautiful crystal cluster. I was shocked and quite jealous. My immediate thought was… how did he get this? It’s beautiful! He doesn’t even care about this stuff… And I do yet I’ve never seen any crystals for sale. How does this make sense?

So I asked him where he got it because I wanted one. He said… Oh, you like that? Look at this… And proceeded to bring out several boxes of various crystals. There were clear quartz singles and clusters, fluorite, onyx, jet….and more. I was stunned!

It turned out that he was hired to clean out a store that had been abandoned. The owner of the store had no interest in the crystal inventory that the renter had left behind. He wanted everything out so that he could re-rent it. My brother told me that the crystals that I was seeing were just a part of the entire inventory. He had thrown an equal amount into the dumpster. He only kept the ones that had caught his eye.

To the landlord and to my brother, those crystals were basically trash. But, to me, they were a treasure trove! My brother gave me all of those crystals. He really didn’t want or need them. And that started the crystal collection that I continue to add to even to this day.

I learned a valuable lesson in manifestation and lining up energy through clear intention. My request for a single crystal turned into an incredible instant collection. One man’s trash became my hobby and treasure.

I’m glad you’re here 💜

The 10 minute challenge is a daily creativity prompt for the month of July hosted by Tammy Breitweiser

2 thoughts on “#10minchallenge Day 1

  1. Thanks for sharing, Dinah! You reminded me of how I had almost the same thing happen to me! Many years ago my mom was gifted a box of crystals from her aunt that was in hospice. My mom thought they were nice, but had no use for them and put them in a closet for storage. I never knew about them.

    Some years later, I was desiring to have a collection of crystals to work with clients, but my budget was tight. I was visiting my parents and showing them a small crystal I had in my pocket, my Dad remembered the box of crystals in the closet in the basement. He brought them out and I was mesmerized. My mom had some sentimental attachment to them. However, she gifted them all to me because she would rather have them see the light of day and be appreciated in the work with my clients than to be hidden in a closet. I was so grateful to her and the Universe for helping me manifest something I’ve loved and appreciated for the last decade.

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