Dinah’s Coffee Chat 11/12/21

Photo by Dinah

Hello my friend! Good to see you again. I hope you had a good week. I know mine flew by quickly. Come sit. Have some coffee and we can catch up.

If we were having coffee… I’d tell you that this is my husband’s birthday weekend. So this is my birthday card and this coffee chat is dedicated to him. Most of you don’t know him. So I’ll introduce you to him by telling you about some of what makes him such an amazing human.

Don, from day one, was never worried about my disability. My crutches, clumsiness, needing to do things slower and more deliberately just didn’t matter to him… this is a big deal! I know because when I was younger, I dated a couple of guys who thought they could handle my disability but ultimately admitted that they were embarrassed by it… My disability can be difficult even in friendships…One of my dearest college friends came for a weeklong visit in the late 90’s. She was someone who did everything quickly. Even she said “Dinah anyone who lives with you {and my slowness} has to be a f”&@$;g saint!” My speed, or lack there of, made her crazy. I’ve always known that Don was the exception rather than the rule!

Years ago, I was in a meditation class. We were told to imagine ourselves on a ladder. The person who appeared above us was our teacher. The person who appeared below us was someone we should help. When I looked up, the person I saw was Don. What I try to learn via classes and workshops and seminars, he knows instinctively. He simply and naturally lives the golden rule.

Don is the kind of person who would do anything for anyone. I’ve witnessed his selflessness repeatedly throughout our marriage. I’ll never forget coming home from the grocery store and seeing a fire truck and a bunch of guys near our driveway. I just shook my head and went in the house. Sometimes ignorance is bliss! I later learned that the mama duck, who’d been nesting across the street from our house, had tried to walk her babies to the river that morning. All of the babies had fallen through the storm sewer grate and mama duck was frantic. Our neighbor had called the fire department to rescue the ducklings, but their nets weren’t long enough. So Don allowed the firemen to lower him down BY THE ANKLES over and over until he’d gotten every last baby out of the sewer!

Later that day, we were sitting in our backyard. Mama duck led all of her babies into our yard. When she got right in front of Don, they all stopped. Mama and babies stayed still, heads bowed for just under a minute, and then they continued back to the river. They were saying thank you. Don’s kindness knows no limits!

I can say without exception that my life has been gifted and enhanced daily by his presence. And his birthday, which he reminded me this morning, is also the 34th anniversary of our first date, is always a day of gratitude for me. I know how lucky I am!

So Don….Happy Birthday! You’ve always been the best part of my life!

And you my friend? How are you? Do you have anything or anyone that comes to mind and immediately brings gratitude to your heart? If so, I celebrate that good fortune with you! Be sure to let them know! And if you want to share, please feel free to do so in the comments below. I think gratitude for anything and everything it’s massively important right now!

Thank you for celebrating this day with me and with us!

I’m glad you’re here💜

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19 thoughts on “Dinah’s Coffee Chat 11/12/21

    1. Oh my goodness Jean, I just realized that I neglected to respond to your post. I’m so very sorry. Somehow it slipped by me. Thank you so much for stopping by and for reading. I really do appreciate your time and your comment! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks again💜


  1. How lovely to hear about your husband and his acceptance to your disability, and general kindness. That even with the ducks is amazing! Sounds like something from a film.
    I’ve been exhausted lately and have been in a personal crisis situation during the second part of this year. I thought I would need to ask the dr to try antidepressants. But then I remembered another time in my life when practising gratitude helped me get out of a similar thing.
    So this week when I’ve felt hopelessness creeping in, I’ve prayed and thanked God for the good things we still have – simple things that we shouldn’t take for granted. We’re healthy enough, live in a beautiful place, have money, haven’t lost anyone to Covid, we have the music to give us joy, technology for keeping in touch with people, etc etc. I’ve been much better since!

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    1. So lovely to hear from you! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Yes, I think overwhelm comes so easily in these challenging times! Are you on Facebook? Maybe we could have a private chat over Facebook messenger? Would that be possible? Let me know if that could work for you… Always so lovely to chat with you!💜


      1. I use Facebook very little but I’m on there…I really dislike Facebook Messenger though” But I’m on a few other platforms… if you visit my blog (any of them) and check my social icon area, there’s an envelope icon that links to my e-mail. Feel free to contact me there and we’ll figure out a good way to chat!

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for reading! I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a year now and I still feel excited and grateful when people actually visit and read. So thank you! Your presence is so appreciated! And I hope you have a wonderful week.💜

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  2. Hi Dinah.

    I loved this birthday essay about Don. This is a guy I’d love to meet and be friends with. I’ve always tries to leave the world in a better state than I found it in day by day, but sometimes I just catch myself being cynical and ignoring the world to attend to my own thoughts. I would miss a lot of what Don catches and corrects.

    Good on you Don. Except for the difficulty of meeting it, thanks for setting the bar for the rest of us.

    Oh and Dinah, if you do get some free time between all your other responsibilities, I wanted to let you know that my newest longer story is posted. This time it’s a hard Sci-Fi, David v Goliath battle between two ships that focuses on the speed of light, kinetic energy and a bit of how to side step tracking distant ships without radar technologies by use of star transits. It’s a bit of a nerd fest, but I like it. If you do find an free hour and would like to take it on, here’s the link.

    Defending Canopy Station


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    1. Hi Gary!
      Yes! He does set the bar incredibly high. He’s a good man! I am very, very fortunate!

      I may try and read your story this week as I expect to have some downtime. I can’t promise… But I’ll try. I’ve never been into science fiction so… I can’t promise I will finish it. But, again, I’ll try.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for reading! I appreciate every visit!🌹


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