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I play with words the way a potter plays with clay. I roll them over and around in my mind and then my mouth. I repeat them to see how they feel and to see how they sound.

How do those words fit into the world? I look at how they apply to my life… If they apply at all… A word can stay with me for an hour, a day or a week. They make good companions!

Today’s word is “cadence”….

The cadence of traffic in our neighborhood ebbs and flows throughout the day. I like the way it changes from busy mornings to quiet Sundays. I wonder if anyone else feels that regular movement

What is the cadence or rhythm of my life? Is it a positive cadence or should I be tweaking it… A lot or a little? And then I remember that the cadence of my life is absolutely intertwined with that of my husband, as his is with mine.

And I see again and again how the cadence of our lives has changed and shifted… Not so much by choice… More by design.

We have both experienced significant physical challenges… None of them pleasant or easy. They have caused us to slow down. They have insisted that we move about more slowly and mindfully than we would ever have chosen.

The cadence of our lives has shifted from busy-ness to mindfulness… From social activity to occasional and cherished interactions….

When he’s not feeling well, the cadence of my day is off and uncomfortable. When I was in the hospital last year, his days felt upside down.

We’ve gone from two separate yet connected lives to two very intertwoven lives. And we appreciate our shared cadence every single day.

I’m glad you’re here 💜

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8 thoughts on “Cadence

  1. I view the lives of those in a long relationship as threads in a piece of cloth. Those odd strings find each other and entwine. Over and over.
    The less harmonious days result in slubs, ever present from that day forward, but neither weakening or damaging irreparably.
    Your cloth is beautiful.

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  2. Kate

    Dear One,
    Your word’s weave a tapestry of the deepening of relationship over time. Interbeing with one another, and the world, is a gift to one another through your choosing mindfulness and presence over fear. Thank you for sharing this intimate and vulnerable expression of love.

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    1. Thank you for your supportive words and thank you for reading! This blog is only a year old. We baby bloggers get very excited when people actually read what we write! So thank you!


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