***Photo by Dinah

Lately, I seem to alternate between being completely enchanted by life and then completely befuddled by it. And both of these extremes seem to deepen with every passing year.

I feel like I genuinely love people more but I see them less (thanks partially to the pandemic). I care about the world more but I understand our national divisiveness less. I seem to feel everything more deeply but I’m more unsure than ever about how to make a difference!

So I turn to nature over and over again. We drive along the lake often and I always snap a few pictures with my iPhone. The shot above was taken just last week. I was so excited that I actually caught the gull in a couple of the shots! And after a week I’m still loving that picture! Simple pleasures!

***Photo by Don

I’ve also developed a bit of an addiction to our garden and our flowers. I’m constantly wondering how many more flowers we can add. Watching them grow and bloom throughout the spring and summer truly soothes my soul.

***Photo by Dinah

I look to nature for peace, for grounding, and for gentle reminders of what’s important. It helps me remember to let go and just return to the moment….some things were never meant to be solved.

***Photo by Dinah

Whether you’re way out in the country or in a bustling city, I hope you can take a couple of moments to go outside and gaze at something beautiful. Even taking a good long look at the sky might just bring you back home to yourself. And that’s really where we’re all meant to be!

I’m glad you’re here 💜

7 thoughts on “Complexities

  1. It was wonderful to read this post just before going to bed. I think that nature can fill us with that sense of community. Loving people more, I get that. I have that too. Im not as befuddled right now and for some reason I’m really at home in myself. It’s nice to connect with you! Happy week ahead to you! Loved that pink bush the mostest. 😉

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    1. Thanks for reading! The bush is a hydrangea tree. They’re one of my favorites!!
      Thrilled that you’re feeling at home within yourself. Such a gift. ….Nature does that for me….and then the news and/or politics can toss me right back into that eye rolling, head shaking nonsense! One day at a time I guess.
      Peace and blessings my friend!

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