NanoPoblano 2022 Starts Today-Day 1/30

So here it is… November is upon us. That means that the Nanopoblano blogging challenge is up and running once again. This is a wonderful blogging challenge and community that is facilitated by the illustrious Ra Avis. You can see her blog HERE … And I highly recommend that you do. Her writing is spectacular.

Ra has created a community of people/bloggers who come together every November to support each other‘s writing and, for some of us, to breathe new life into our neglected blogs. Of course that includes me… This space has been close to dormant this year.

By joining the November challenge, we commit to doing our best to write every day for a month and to support each other by reading and commenting on each other’s blogs. It’s kind of a big deal in these busy and easily distracted times. But it’s so worth it! I have met such lovely people through this experience.

So I’m off to do it again… Please wish me luck. I expect I’ll need it. And, one more thing…..

WITH ANGELS AND ELEPHANTS (WAAE) turned two years old last month! I failed to post about it… Shame on me!

I hope to use this month and this space to build more connection, more community, more conversation, more understanding… More good stuff! The last few years have been tough on all of us. I think we all have been feeling a sense of disconnect to some degree. Let’s use this time and this space to talk to each other… Really talk and get to know each other. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Let’s make it a wonderful month!

Please consider reading other blogs and commenting as a way of supporting my fellow bloggers throughout the month. You can find a list of all of our participants HERE We’ll all appreciate your visits and comments!

I’m glad you’re here!💜

8 thoughts on “NanoPoblano 2022 Starts Today-Day 1/30

    1. So grateful for your help in getting my little blog going. You’re the Fairy Godmother of this space💜 Wishing you a fun Pepper month my friend 💜


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