Discombobulated-NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 12

Photo taken by my husband. He’s good at noticing!

It’s a discombobulated kind of day. I’m taking another few “first”steps in this long journey back from the big fall. Every “first” is both momentous and trivial at the same time! And, the very fact that each big/little thing is such a huge/trivial deal, is draining! It’s not fatiguing. I’m not tired. It’s more of a shake-my-head, roll-my-eyes, take-a-deep-breath kind of thing!

And so I shake my head, roll my eyes, breathe deeply and keep moving forward….as we all do. Right?

We’re all warriors in one way or another because we’re all surviving, thriving, growing through difficult things. Our details differ a bit, but the themes are similar. We’re playing the best game we can with the cards we were dealt.

And so…if you’re rolling-your-eyes and shaking-your-head and breathing deeply because you’re sick of your particular flavor/type of challenge…know that you’re not alone! You’re in good company. We’re all in this together!

Discombobulated or not….I’m glad you’re here 🌹

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3 thoughts on “Discombobulated-NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 12

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