Manifesting -NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 11

I met Nancy over 25 years ago after my marriage and my world collapsed. I never saw it coming and I was barely hanging on at times. Most of the time, I felt like I was just moving through fog…pretending to function but so disengaged that I felt like an observer in my own life.

Nancy talked a lot about how we create our reality by believing in our own ability to create and manifest. We have to be clear about what we want and how we want our life to look in order to make it happen…to manifest it. Coming from my place of personal life implosion, I was skeptical at best.

But then she said something wonderfully profound. It was so big that I could only retain the wonder of the message. Most of the words are long gone. It was something like…When I go to the grocery store, I don’t waste time wondering and worrying if it’ll be there. I accept that the store is there and then all of my actions are informed by my plan to get from here to there. That’s how I get to the store. And that’s how I create my life. I know the good stuff is already there, like the store is already there. I just need to act accordingly to get there! Brilliant! Best advice for creating your life…ever!

That Golden nugget was given to me when I was fairly new in metaphysics and alternative spirituality. It’s helped me remember to believe in things working out. Believing in our inherent ability to attract good things and people into our lives is the cornerstone for creating the life we desire. And her brilliant analogy made it all simple and user friendly.

So as 2020 thankfully winds down, I invite you to start envisioning what you want 2021 to look like. Just think of the good we could create if we all joined together to envision the healing of our lives and our planet!

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2 thoughts on “Manifesting -NaNoPoBlano Challenge Day 11

  1. I love this.. It reminds me of the analogy of going to dinner. You tell the server what you want from the menu and then you trust that it will come. You don’t go into the kitchen and hover over the cook, you just trust that what you ordered is on it’s way to you.

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