Livingston I Presume-NaNoPoBlano Day 7

When I was a kid, like 8-10 years old, my mom loved the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. She had an album of Rod McKuen reading the book. And she played it ALL. THE. TIME. I grew to hate that story and Rod McKuen!

But time heals and teaches and clarifies. I read the book as an adult and it gave me some insights into my deceased mom, insights I couldn’t get from her.

She loved seagulls because of the book. And now I do too because they remind me of her.

My husband and I stop at the lake a lot. Recently, a gull has started coming near the car and just hanging nearby while we enjoy the lake. He looks different from the other gulls. Instead of being solid gray, he’s speckled. Of course I call him Livingston! I enjoy his visits.

Livingston I presume ❤️
Most local gulls are solid gray and white

So today, when I was flipping through my pictures, trying to decide what to write about, I noticed a fun little detail on many of my pictures. Many of them have green orbs! Orbs ALWAYS make me smile!

Green orb near bottom right
Green orb on sidewalk

Most people wave off the appearance of orbs. They say orbs are just sunspots, or light spots. And they could be right.

To many of us, who believe in otherworldly things, orbs represent spirit forms that are visiting or hanging out with us or near us. So these green orbs made me happy….Because maybe, just maybe… My mom is paying me a visit at the lake, with the gulls, a place where we would both be happy!

And so I share these pictures with you. And I share this possible rendezvous with my mom with you as well. Perhaps it’s her. Perhaps it’s a sunspot. But… In these challenging times… I’m reaching specifically for the things that make me smile. And thinking that this green orb represents my mom, definitely makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too.

I’m glad you’re here.

And my fellow NaNoPoBlano blogging challenge gang can be found here:

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